Women’s Clothing/Tjejkläder in Plus Size-sizes

There are plenty of shops selling women’s clothing in large sizes or plus size. The advantage of shopping online is that you get a much wider range of clothing and stores and you don’t have to head to town to shop, but you can make your choices in the peace and quiet in front of the computer.

We inform here about some online stores that sell women’s and tjekläder in slightly larger sizes. The list below is sorted alphabetically. Reservation is given for any changes in the stores ‘ offerings and conditions.


Our site: His a Special Unit for women’s clothing in large sizes. Look under the Curve & Plus Size. All prices are in SEK and shipping is free. You can use “Fit Virtualiser ‘; use an existing garments as reference, measure this, simply add the dimensions and compare with each garment’s size at ASOS, so you can find the right size easier. Also sells women’s shoes size 35-44, between. This UK-based shop is in Sweden one of the most popular online shops what applies to clothing sales online.

Free shipping on orders over £ 235.

ATELIER GOLDEN MEAN: Sell very classic, but also new, modern fashion. There are garments for most forms (whether you need plus size-sizes, small sizes , or “standard size”).Good size charts for different body lengths are given; Extra Short Sizes (for those of you who are over 156 cm), Short Sizes (for you between 157-164 cm) and Normal Sizes (for those of you who are over 165 cm). It’s the most pants that are available in the extra short sizes. You are more than 1.75, unfortunately, look for another store, at least when it comes to trousers.

CAMPAIGN: Use discount code EMGS10, and you will get 10% discount on your purchase! Applies to both new and existing customers through december 31, 2016. No minimum order value.
If you are a new customer , you can also use code 9747-400 which will give you a voucher for $ 200 at an order value over £ 600 Code applies until 31 december 2016.

A problem for short and large women is to find clothes that fit both length and width. Are you among those is Atelier golden ratio a tip. Read the instructions on how to measure your body, simply enter your dimensions in the store’s sizing advice, and you will get information on what size that suits you best. Prices are generally quite high, but feels nevertheless reasonable in relation to prices in other shops.

Shipping fee $ 49 with standard shipping.


BONPRIX: popular online shop with a special Department in the category women’s clothing large sizes (up to size 58). For example, in xxl pants, coats, jackets and suits, dresses, skirts, sportswear, shirts, tunics, underwear, maternity clothes, bathing suits and swimwear, etc in larger sizes/plus sizes. Many of the trouser and jeans models are available in several lengths; Short, long or Normal length, so both of you that is short and long may be lucky and find clothes in your length, whether you take a larger size or a little less.Bonprix are generally low prices at its fashion.

Shipping fee $ 49 per order.

BOOZT: offers a huge range of women’s clothing, for up to size XXXXL. Please read Sydsvenskan article on Boozt, from 22 december 2012. If you hold your cursor over the selected product, you’ll see immediately available sizes, which makes the search more quickly. In Boozt you can buy dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, coats, pants, jeans, etc. free shipping when order value over £ 499 plus free returns for 30 days.

Free shipping on orders over $ 499 (otherwise £ 49) and free returns.


BUBBLE ROOM : offering women’s apparel in youthful style up to size 54 or XXL. There are dresses, skirts, tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shirts, jeans, shorts, leggings, jumpsuits, pants, underwear, etc. in the major women’s sizes. Also sells accessories such as handbags, jewelry, etc.

Free shipping on purchases over $ 999, otherwise 39 kr.


CASTALUNA: a subsidiary of La Redoute with focus on fashion in plus sizes. Castaluna is one of the brands of the La Redoute. Damkläderna extends approximately up to size 64. Size availability varies by category.

Under the “Plus Size” you can buy plus size women’s fashion from brands including Bestform, Castaluna, Lovedrobe, S Oliver, Taillissime, Ulla Popken. The range consists of e.g. blouses, tunics, shirts, pants, jackets, pants, coats, jeans, dresses, skirts, sweaters, shoes, shirts, lingerie etc.

Shipping fee: free shipping for purchases over $ 500, otherwise 49.90 if you select standard shipping.


CELLBES : has as a focus to offer clothes for all forms. Women’s clothing is available from size 34-64. Offers a great selection of women’s wear at affordable prices; tops, dresses, bottoms, outerwear, sports & leisure clothing, sleeping & comfy, lingerie, swimwear. Even women’s shoes, most models from size 36-42.

Shipping fee $ 55 with normal delivery.


CDON: In addition to all the technology stuff, movies, CDs, household goods, toys etc are selling popular CDON even women’s clothing, in up to size XXL. Good website-choose your size, then the category you want and will give you a list of available models in the selected size. We deal ourselves pretty much at CDON and are impressed by their speedy delivery.

Shipping fee: CDON applies a shipping staircase, with different fees for different product categories. You see the current fee for each product. If you mix products from multiple shipping classes becomes the item with the most expensive shipping class that is the basis of your fee. At a quick look, we saw that the clothes and shoes are usually 39-49 kr in the vendor fee. To see shipping steps out:
Shipping class A 29 kr
Shipping class B 49 kr
Shipping class C 79 kr
Shipping class D 99 kr
Shipping class E 199 kr
Shipping class F 39 kr
Shipping class J 59 kr


ELLOS: Look under the “Plus” – there are women’s clothing at sensible prices in sizes from 42 to 64.It features such as cardigans, jackets, dresses, tunics, tops, sweaters, overalls, blouses, shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, tights, leggings, jackets, coats, rainwear, pants overalls, etc. in some larger sizes. We buy ourselves a part of the Ellos and think they have affordable products. Expect to get a lot of advertising when you shopped here! Can be a bit tough, but at the same time, the many good deals with special discount offers, so we think it is worthwhile to put up with this. Even women’s shoes, from size 36-45, part of the wider expanse.

Shipping fee: 49.90 € with standard shipping.


EVANS CLOTHING : There is a wide range of women’s clothing in large sizes, from UK size 14 to 32 (translated to European sizes from size 42 – 60). The store specializes in plus-size clothing.Take you a little time to look through the rich assortment you can find many models that you won’t find in Sweden – tops, tunics, dresses, jeans, leggings, jackets, coats, pants, shirts, bathing suits, etc., etc. also sells women’s shoes in a little wider range. The store is operated in the United Kingdom.

Shipping fee: £ 6.0-to Sweden with standard delivery


HALÉNS: offers affordable women’s clothing in large sizes up to size 60. Look into “Big sizes”, select the desired category and make a filtering on your size, you’ll get up available models in just your size.

Haléns was one of the first mail order firms and has over the years developed into a popular e-commerce store. Haléns offers a great range of clothing and shoes at low prices. A great store if you want to shop for cheap clothes for the entire family in one place! WOMEN’S CLOTHING at BARGAIN PRICES in LARGE SIZES, UP to size 60.

Shipping fee: $ 55.

JUNAROSE: offers trendy and youthful women’s fashion in plus size-sizes, from size 42 to 54. The clothes are specially designed for curvy girls.

At Junarose you can buy t-shirts, blouses, tunics, hoodies, jeans, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, jackets & Blazers, jumpsuits, knit, etc, all in large sizes and at a reasonable price.

Junarose makes use of many colors and patterns on their clothes and have worked out a varied and fashionable collection, for you to be able to combine different garments with a nice outfit.Please study the store’s size guide and compare with your own measurements before you decide which size to order.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over $ 499, otherwise £ 49, with standard delivery. Free returns. for return within 30 days after you collected your order.


NEW LOOK: popular online store based in the United Kingdom. Exciting range of plus-size clothing in women’s sizes from UK size 18-32, representing about 46 EUROPEAN size to 60.Under the category of Plus Size Clothing you will find tunics, shirts, cardigans, pants, jeans, dresses, lingerie, swimsuits and more in large sizes. There are some slightly different garments in the store, which can be difficult to get hold of here at home. Affordable prices. Shipping prices seem perfectly OK.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over £ 65.-, otherwise £ 5.99 to Sweden with standard shipping


SPORTAMORE: great sports store online, with a wide range of sports clothing. The range of larger sizes, largest up to women’s size XXXL (a few pieces are also available in XXXXL). In the shop such as trainer, t-shirts, jackets, sports underwear, underwear, sweaters, tights etc. also sells shoes for a variety of sports and fitness equipment.

Shipping fee: Free shipping and free returns.



: Here you can order the fine shirts and polo shirts that are tailored to your own measurements! You choose the model you desire as well as fabric, looks at the collar, buttons, cuffs etc. Prices vary of course depending on the choice of tools, options, etc. TailorStore leaves a “100% perfect fit guarantee”, which means that if you are not completely satisfied with the fit of your clothes will help the store you adjust the dimensions and sew up a new garment to you. Tailor Store won 1st prize as “best e-commerce company in Scandinavia 2006” and has received many other awards.

Shipping fee: Free shipping


Our site: A UK-based clothing store that sells women’s clothing in contemporary design at reasonable prices. Our site has a Special Department with plus-size clothes. There are women’s clothing in sizes up to approx. size EU 58-60 (approx UK size 32). Study the store’ssize guide thoroughly to find the correct, or ask the shop! All sizes are quoted in UK sizes, so unfortunately you’ll need to convert them to our own sizing system.

Are you looking for something different that can be hard to find in stores in Sweden can visit our site pay off. For example, the collection includes dresses, tops, skirts, leggings, sweaters, jackets, jeans, etc. Many of the articles of clothing has a little different and festive designs and colors. Some are really stylish, others feel a little crazy (but fun!). Yes, there are clothes for all tastes at this store! Low shipping fee to Sweden. Something long delivery time due to the goods sent from the United Kingdom.

Shipping fee: £ 2.99;-


Our site: Women’s clothing is available in sizes up to XXXL. You can purchase coats, jackets, dresses, sweaters, blouses, shirts, knitwear, skirts, swimwear, pants, underwear, etc. in slightly larger sizes at our site. Clear indication of available sizes is available on each product presentation, which, of course, facilitates the search. Also sells women’s shoes, from size 34-35 to 42-44. Our site is a UK-based shop with an exclusive focus. Are you willing to pay a little more for your fashion, it may be worth a visit to the shop.

Shipping fee: EUR 13.-with standard shipping