Women’s and Girl’s Shoes Large Sizes, Size 41-46

Do you think it is a torment to buy shoes in the shops due to your size is simply not represented on shoe shelves? You’re not alone! Online shopping has for many become salvation, then there is a large variety of stores that offer women’s shoes in larger sizes. We inform here about a few webshops selling women’s shoes in size 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46.

The list below is sorted alphabetically. Reservation is given for any changes in the stores ‘ offerings, terms etc.

Tip: we found an interesting article, written by journalist Aasa Beckman, today’s News. She tells us how to be treated when that woman has been equipped with larger feet than what average is. You can find the article here.

List of stores selling women’s shoes in large sizes:

Asos: offers women’s shoes up to size 43-44. Huge selection of pumps, boots, sandals, ballerina shoes, high heels, shoes, boots etc. store, which has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, has become one of the most popular clothing and shoe stores in Scandinavia. All prices are in SEK.

Women’s shoes in large sizes up to size 43-44.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over £ 235.

Boozt: a well-established and popular retail store with a huge selection of footwear in xxl. Most women’s shoes are available in sizes up to and including stl 42, but a lot of models are available up to size 43 or greater (e.g., Converse Shoes are available in sizes up to size 45). Categories are such as high heels, sneakers, flat shoes, ballet dancers, sandals, boots, espandriller, sports shoes and slippers.

Offers women’s shoes up to size 42-43, some brands are up still size 45.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over $ 499 (otherwise £ 49) and free returns.

Bonprix.Se: popular fashion shop. Women’s shoes are available in up to size 44. Large assortment of affordable ballerina shoes, high heels, sneakers, shoes, pumps, sandals, boots, ankle boots, etc. reasonable prices.

Large Size Womens Shoes Are Available In Up To Size 44.

Shipping fee: $ 49 per order.

Castaluna: a subsidiary of La Redoute with focus on fashion in large sizes (you buy from La Redoutes website).

The range of women’s shoes in large sizes are good. You’ll find women’s shoes in various models, most up to size 45; ballerinas, boots & ankle boots, dress shoes, pumps & sandals, sandals & slippers, sneakers & casual shoes, boots, etc.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on purchases over $ 500, otherwise 49.90 if you select standard shipping.

Cellbes: offers a range of women’s shoes in sizes up to size 45. Low prices! In Cellbes are cheap ballerinas, boots, sandals, boots, espandrillos, pumps, loafers, etc.

Women’s shoes up to size 45.

Shipping fee: free shipping for orders over $ 500, otherwise 49 kr.

Deichmann: there are women’s shoes up to size 44, at low prices. If you want to buy a pair of cheap shoes to RIP on, this is a good store. There are ankle boots, boots, sneakers, pumps, wedge-heeled shoes, boots, rubber boots, flat shoes, ballet slippers, slippers, sandals, sandals etc. in the assortment, most up to size 43 or 44.

A store with a good selection of large size womens shoes, at reasonable prices.

Shipping fee: free shipping and free returns.

Ellos: offers women’s shoes up to size 44-45. The largest selection of big are the models that are available in up to size 42. You need a larger size than you can check out the models of the brand Taillsime (available up to size 45). A really good selection of women’s shoes, many models at reasonable prices. Sneakers, shoes, boots, boots, rubber boots, pumps, ballerinas, sandals, slippers, flip-flops, low shoes, etc.

Affordable shoes in large sizes, up to size 45.

Shipping fee: 49.90 with standard shipping

Keller Sports: Selling shoes, athletic wear and exercise equipment. Sizes in different categories varies a bit. Running shoes, tennis shoes, outdoor shoes and training shoes in several famous brands available. Most women’s shoes are available in up to size 42 or 42.5, but some models are available in larger sizes than that. When we last checked, there were, for example, a model of running shoe for women up to size 45 , and women’s tennis shoes up to size 44.5.

Training shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, outdoor shoes up to size 42.5–some models bigger than that.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over 699 SEK, otherwise £ 5, with standard shipping

Miaman: a Danish shoe store specializing in women’s shoes in larger sizes, from size 41-45. The shoes are designed and manufactured by hand in Denmark and is of high quality. Our neighbouring country in the West has since many years a large Scandinavian design tradition, which is reflected in the Miamans shoe range. Here you can shop for ballerinas, sandals, pumps, and boots in the large women’s sizes.

If you do not want to advertise that you shop at Miaman, you can get your shoes delivered in discreet packaging which does not reveal where you’ve been.
The shoes from Miaman are unique and are available in limited edition. Shipping fee to Sweden is around 40 € (check with the store for exact sum!).

HAND-CRAFTED QUALITY SHOES FROM DENMARK in women’s SIZES 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45.

Shipping fee: Depends on the volume and weight. Write to kundeservice@miaman.com to inquire about what the shipping fee to Sweden. The shipping fee is supposed to be quite low.

Minfot.Se: looking for a few really beautiful and well-fitting shoes? Look at Minfot.se! Most women’s models are available up to size 42 or 43, but there are also unisexmodeller in larger sizes than that. The store was founded in 2011 by a physiotherapist and a solid understanding of feet and foot care with the company. Here you can shop for well-fitting sandals, ballerinas, Sheepskin slippers, Sheepskin boots, ankle boots, boots in ulltofflor, boots, slippers, danstofflor, as well as a variety of foot care products.

In Minfot.se are tips on what to consider when a variety of foot problems (such as bunions, hammertoes, flat-footed, calluses, cracked heels, cold feet, dry feet, corns, leg length discrepancy, varicose veins/svullna legs, sweaty feet, weary o. sore feet, etc). In the online store, you can purchase foot care products that resolve the symptoms.

Well-fitting, comfortable, comfortable women’s shoes up to size or at least 42 43. shoes your feet gets pleased by!!

Shipping fee: Free shipping when you spend over £ 500 or £ 39.

Nike: popular brand when it comes to shoes. Women’s shoes are available in up to approx size 47. In Nike’s online store you can buy such as football boots, running shoes, basketball shoes, gym shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes, skateboards, shoes, yogaskor, etc. in large sizes. Would you afford your shoes a custom design, you can do it (select “customise with Nikeid”).

Shoes/athletic shoes up to size 47.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over 450 kr, otherwise £ 85 (with standard shipping).

Sarenza: offers a wide selection of women’s shoes in larger sizes, up to size 45 or 46,even someone 47th. To find the size you are looking for, proceed as follows: 1) go to the Woman and select all models. 2) select your size if you want to get up all the models, regardless of category, in your size. French store, but all prices are shown in GBP. France is notoriously good at fashion. Here are most of the categories you can imagine; ballerinas, pumps, sneakers, boots, shoes, etc., in over 500 brands.

Tip: search for trainers have a good range of Sarenza shoes for Fitness, Golf, Indoor, running, adventure racing, horseback riding, Skateboarding, Tennis, Walkfit, Hiking, water sports and winter sports.

Women’s shoes up to size 45 or 46. some models are also available in half sizes. Flexible modes of delivery:

Select shipping method UPS If you wish to have your shoes delivered to your home address alternative delivery address is possible, which AIDS in the case that you can not stay at home and look after the delivery. For example, many orders shipping to a work address. Free shipping!

Shipping fee: free shipping and free returns.

Shoes By Linda & Linda: a special shop for women’s shoes in larger sizes, size 41-45. Here you can shop till you drop among trendy boots, ankle boots, boots, pumps, sneakers/shoes, ballerinas and sandals. The store is started by two girls who both know how difficult it is to find stylish women’s shoes in large sizes. Shoes by Linda & Linda also has a physical store in Skåne (address: Götgatan 1, Kävlinge). Free shipping on purchases over $ 500.

Good shop with trendy quality shoes in large sizes, from size 41-45. visit the store if you can or buy in the webshop.

Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over $ 500, otherwise $ 69 free returns on footwear at regular price.

Our site: A role model when it comes to offering shoes in all sizes! Very large selection of women’s shoes in larger sizes, up to size 46. There are shoes in most categories; Sandals, pumps, boots, ballerinas, slip-ins, clogs, athletic shoes, deck shoes, slippers, espandriller m. m. Good search capabilities, easy-to-navigate page. Last time we looked, there were 744 different brands represented in the range. Free delivery on orders over £ 330, free return within 30 days.

Good shop for those who are looking for women’s/girl’s shoes in larger sizes. Large assortment. Women’s shoes up to size 46.

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Shipping fee: Free shipping on orders over £ 45, £ 330 otherwise.

Sportamore: Here you’ll find sports shoes/trainers in women’s sizes up to size 46.Huge range of shoes for an active life, such as football boots, running shoes, boots, riding boots, sandals, shoes, sneakers, streetwear, tennis shoes, training shoes. Free shipping, free returns, 30-day returns & price guarantee.

Shoes/athletic shoes in lady models up to size 46.

Shipping fee: Free shipping and free returns.

Swedish Hasbeens: The popular slippers from Swedish Hasbeens are found in a large number of models in the company’s own online store. Most toffelmodellerna are available insizes up to size 41, but occasionally you can find any 42nd too, so it’s always a good idea to look through the range to see if something new is added. A small number of slippers, boots and boots can even be up to size 45 sometimes.

Swedish Hasbeens has its own interesting history. A layer of 300 PCs red, white and black slippers were found in 2006 in a toffelfabriks basement. There were slippers from the 1970s, the same kind worn by a cool mom named Anita. These slippers in 70-the 60th century style began to be manufactured again and has become hugely popular. Swedish Hasbeens for sale today in 20 countries.

Popular clogs in women’s sizes up to size 41. one and another 42: a + some models in larger sizes than that available.

Shipping fee: Free shipping for orders of slippers to the regular price. Delivery fee for sale-slippers is 50 kr.

It is supposed to be about 13% of the female population who need shoes in large sizes (from at least size 41). Customer group is therefore quite large. It required a larger assortment of large women’s shoes in our stores!

Keep in mind that beautiful flowers have large leaves!

Are you looking for work shoes/boots are some store tips in this link.

If you have any tips on what might be good to keep in mind, by the way, you love to write me an email, and we’ll try to consider your ideas and experiences in the future. Please tell us how you experience the market and supply for your size!