Welcome to the 80’s: Jeans Mit Cut-Outs

When it comes to fashion, they were extreme and experiment – the 80s. Thinking about shudders many a when she remembers neon pink shoes, metallic-colored jackets and ripped jeans. But wait! Today you see the same parts on the road and they are hailed as the latest trend. I connected to the and confess: Jeans with Cut-Outs are simply cool!

Torn and cut to The Right Place

XXL jeans with cut-outs are much more than the classic Destroyed Jeans with a few effects. Here all the pieces are cut or torn.This year, the cut-outs are to be found mainly in the knee area. Numerous blogs and magazines you see the cut pants to celebrities. Reason enough to deal with the cut-out jeans for plus size ladies.

So You Combine the Jeans With Cut-Outs In Large Sizes

Even if these jeans is different from the current models, it is still similar combination as the jeans. This means you wear mainly outside of the job, where there are often styling rules. Depending on which parts of you they combine, you generate different looks. Here I give you a few examples:

§  Laid-back, Casual Look

Your XXL Cut-Outs jeans you combine with your favorite sneakers and a white shirt. The combination has been around since the introduction of the jeans in the 19th century. Just the simple compilation of the charm: You look well dressed, workest relaxed and can always add a new eye-catcher with the help of accessories.

§  Der Boho-/ Hippie-Chic

Fransen, knitting and crochet are just as hip as the Plus Size Jeans with cut-outs. Combine the two together and you are the Fashion Queen! For Plus Size Jeans you attract a light summer blouse and a knitted vest over it. This matches the Frans pocket. Even the simple top with crochet design gives you a Boho-Touch.

§  The Urban Style

You need for a dark blazer, which you can also roll up somewhat in the summer. Your Oversize jeans with cut-outs will also be rolled up so that your moccasins or Chelsea boots to their best advantage. Your shell, the simple Oversize his T-shirt or a top with large print. Important accessories are the Shoppingbag and sunglasses.

§  The rocking Plus Size Lady

The ripped jeans in larger sizes is black for a rock style. It is worn with Chucks, VANS or boots and a dark T-shirt. The studded belt should not be missed, nor XXL trenchcoat.

The DIY Jeans With Cut-Outs

make holes in the pants is not difficult. You need for scissors, possibly even a grater or file. With this equipment you practice the best of an old jeans. Before you get started, you think in exactly where the cut-outs should be. The point you mark and off you go: With the scissors you cut carefully along the knee. Even a small cut looks cool when you additionally also pull some strings. but you have also the possibility of a heart or a star cut out. This head-turner you can attach, for example, at the lower calf. That’s the beauty of the DIY jeans with cut-outs: It is a different style.