Weather and Climate in Kenya

When to travel to Kenya?

Kenya is an exciting country that offers, among other things, unforgettable safaris or trekking in the high Mount Kenya. The country is located in a tropical climate zone. In addition, there are many different altitude differences in the country as well as monsoon winds in some periods. This means that you can experience many different temperatures in the country.

With Tourist Travel, we want to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday. Therefore, you need to be aware of the different temperatures you may come across. With the slightly cooler temperatures in the capital Nairobi as well as the tropical climate experienced around the coast of Kenya.

General about the climate and weather in Kenya

According to thereligionfaqs, Kenya is an exciting country with beautiful temperatures. Kenya is located on the equator, which means that there are no major differences in temperature all year round. However, there are large temperature differences when it comes to the mountains of Kenya. In the mountainous areas of southwestern Kenya, the temperature is approx. 20 degrees all year round.

However, it is not sunshine and happy days all the time. The southwestern part of Kenya also receives the most rain, which also includes Nairobi, which is the capital of Kenya. In the low-lying areas along the coast and to the north it is somewhat warmer and there is less rain.

In the highlands

Nairobi is located in a plateau, just over 1700 meters above the water surface. It also means that the temperatures are cooler than what you experience if you go on a safari or beach holiday on the coast.

This can be really nice with the different temperatures and the cooler weather when you have to move around the big city of Nairobi. In the table below you can see both the highest and lowest temperatures as well as the rainfall in the city in the different months.

Nairobi Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rain 57 49 93 244 186 42 22 27 29 67 151 99
Max. temp. 25 26 26 24 23 22 21 21 24 25 23 24
Mine. temp. 12 12 13 14 13 11 10 10 11 13 13 13

At the coast

In relation to the temperatures in the highlands, the weather at the coast is nice and warm and there is not much probability of much precipitation. Because it is by the coast, there can sometimes be a slight breeze, which can be absolutely amazing when lying in the warmer temperatures.

With Tourist Travel, you can extend your safari trip and have some wonderful days on the coast of Kenya. The days will offer pure relaxation and beach holidays. Malindi is one of the cities visited through Tourist Travel and this is where the following temperatures are based.

Malindi Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rain 12 14 45 171 296 156 104 63 60 73 74 40
Max temp. 31 31 32 31 29 28 27 27 28 29 31 31
Mine. temp. 23 23 23 24 23 22 22 21 22 22 23 23

By the savannah

If you are going on a safari, you will also experience the Masai Mara. Depending on when you visit the Masai Mara, you will both experience differences in the weather and see how wildlife changes.

Weather and Climate in Kenya

If you travel to Kenya, the Masai Mara in December and January, you will find that the savannah is green and that there are many newborn gazelles. In the months that follow, you will instead experience that many wildebeest are born and the savannah becomes drier at the same time.

Masai Mara Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rain 96 99 146 208 155 93 58 82 97 101 153 115
Max temp. 28 28 27 26 25 25 25 25 27 28 27 27
Mine. temp. 12 12 12 13 13 12 11 12 11 12 12 12

Vaccinations on trips to Kenya

Are you going on holiday to Kenya and are in doubt whether you should have any vaccinations before the departure of the trip? The answer is yes, it is there. By reading here, we inform you about which vaccinations need to be taken before the departure of the trip.

There is a difference in how many vaccinations are needed depending on how long the journey is. On this page, we have focused on the trips to Kenya that we at Tourist Travel have.

Vaccinations for a trip to Kenya in less than 4 weeks

Most travel to Kenya, with Tourist Travel having a length of one to three weeks. However, most of the trips can be extended with a beach holiday for a few extra days. Either way, the trips are in under 4 weeks. By looking at the form below, you will find information about the vaccinations you must have taken before you go on a trip to Kenya.

Recommended vaccinations for a trip to Kenya

Recommended vaccinations
Diphtheria 1 day before the trip
Yellow fever 10 days before the trip
Hepatitis A 7 days before the trip
Tetanus 1 day before the trip
Diarrhea Taken in pill form – on the journey
Malaria 1-7 days before the trip

We recommend that you be vaccinated at least 10 days before your trip to Kenya

Especially about malaria on trips to Kenya

You can use malaria tablets to reduce the risk of malaria. However, resistance to chloroquine has been experienced in this area and therefore Malarone, Lariam, Doxycycline can be used instead. In addition, the use of mosquito repellent can further reduce the risk.

Vaccinations for a trip to Kenya of more than 4 weeks

If the journey lasts between 1-5 months, it is recommended that in addition to the aforementioned vaccines and be vaccinated against Meningitis and Hepatitis B. Meningitis should be taken one week before departure and subsequently protected for 3 years. The vaccine against Hepatitis B should be taken 3-4 weeks before the start of the journey.

For a trip to Kenya that lasts a minimum of 6 months, it is recommended that you get all the vaccines mentioned for a trip of less than 4 weeks. In addition, you should be vaccinated against Hepatitis B, Meningitis, Tuberculosis, Rabies and Typhoid.