US 12, 136 and 150 in Indiana

US 12 in Indiana

US 12
Begin East Chicago
End Michiana Shores
Length 45 mi
Length 73 km


East Chicago



Michigan City


According to act-test-centers, US 12 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms an east-west route along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, from the Illinois border at Hammond to the Michigan border at Michiana Shores. The route passes through the Chicago suburbs and is 73 kilometers long.

Travel directions

De US 12 in Gary.

US 12 runs through the eastern industrial suburbs such as Hammond, East Chicago and Gary, rather run-down towns. Because of the various parallel Interstate Highways, US 12 has not been developed to a high standard, it is a regular city road with mostly 2×2 lanes. Only east of Gary, the route is part single-lane to Michigan City. Most of the road runs through built-up areas, mostly within 1 mile of Lake Michigan.


US 12 was created in 1926 and followed the historic Dunes Highway between Gary and the Michigan border. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Dunes Highway was envisioned as an ultra-modern road of 12 meters wide, made of concrete and a right-of-way of 30 meters. In 1919, the plan was scaled back slightly to a 20-foot-wide road, narrow by today’s standards, but at the time better developed than most roads in Indiana, where many roads were still unpaved. Construction started in 1922 and the road was opened in the mid-1920s. From 1926, US 12 and 20 converged, but in 1930 US 20 disconnected from US 12 east of Gary and has since moved east a few miles south. US 12 has not been modified since 1931, apart from regular maintenance.

In 1956, the Indiana Toll Road opened, eliminating US 12’s through importance between Chicago and Gary. In the 1960s, I-94 was opened towards Michigan, so that this part of US 12 no longer had any through-importance. US 12 now only serves urban traffic.

US 136 in Indiana

US 136
Get started danville
End Indianapolis
Length 78 mi
Length 125 km





US 136 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms an east-west route through the central west of the state, from the Illinois border at Danville to Interstate 465 at Indianapolis. The route runs parallel to Interstate 74 and is 125 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The eastern starting point of US 136 in Indianapolis.

US 136 in Illinois crosses the Indiana border from the town of Danville and crosses the Wabash River. The road then continues under Interstate 74 and intersects with US 41 in Veedersburg. Then the road continues for 30 kilometers to Crawfordsville. There you cross the US 231. The US 136 then bends a bit to the southeast, just like I-74, the distance between both roads is a few kilometers. This part of Indiana consists largely of agricultural fields with hardly any forests. The road then runs for 60 miles to Indianapolis, where US 136 ends at the city’s beltway, Interstate 465.


US 136 was created in 1951 as an east-west route from Indianapolis to Saint Joseph in Missouri. The route has been slightly modified in Indiana, mainly after the opening of Interstate 465 where US 136 ends. Although US 136 is not one of the older US Highways, an Interstate Highway has been built parallel to it, so the route does not have much through importance. US 136 usually runs no more than 3 miles from Interstate 74.

Traffic intensities

Some 4,400 vehicles cross the Illinois border daily, descending to some 2,000 vehicles toward Crawfordsville. The rest of the route to Indianapolis initially has 1,200 vehicles, moving closer to Indianapolis to about 13,000 vehicles.

US 150 in Indiana

US 150
Get started Libertyville
End New Albany
Length 177 mi
Length 285 km

Terre Hautea







New Albany


According to liuxers, US 150 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms an east-west route that also includes significant north-south stretches from the Illinois border near Terre Haute via Vincennes to the Kentucky border in the Louisville metropolitan area. The road is 285 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 150 in Illinois enters Indiana from Danville, then heads south for a bit on the west bank of the Wabash River. Just before the town of Terre Haute, the road merges with US 40 coming from the west. Both roads are then only double-numbered for 3 kilometers, until the center of Terre Haute. The road crosses the Wabash River and then merges with US 41 coming out of Chicago. Both roads then run together for 95 kilometers to Vincennes. The entire route has been developed as a 2×2 divided highway. On the south side of Terre Haute one crosses the Interstate 70. US 41 and US 150 then follow a quiet route through the meadows of southwestern Indiana, away from the Wabash River. The town of Vincennes is then reached from the north. Around Vincennes is a bypass highway, over which the US 50 runs. US 41 and US 150 merge, after which US 41 continues south alone towards Evansville, while US 50 and US 150 continue east together.

The first kilometers to Vincennes are still equipped with 2×2 lanes, until Washington, after which the road becomes a single carriageway. At Loogootee you cross the US 231. Not far after, US 50 and US 150 split, with US 50 running to Cincinnati and US 150 to Louisville, 75 miles to the southeast. US 150 leads through a hilly and wooded area, the Hoosier National Forest. Up to the agglomeration of Louisville one does not encounter any larger towns, only a few villages. Just before New Albany, a suburb of Louisville, US 150 merges with Interstate 64 from St. Louis, after which both roads cross the Ohio River, also the border with Kentucky. US 150 in Kentucky then continues through Louisville.


US 150 was created in 1926 and then formed a short route between Shoals and New Albany in southern Indiana. At the time, the route was only about 110 kilometers long. In 1934, the route was extended both eastwards and westwards, creating the current route. However, this was quite a man-made route, and US 150 lifts much of the westbound extension on US 41 and US 50.

Traffic intensities

About 2,300 vehicles cross the Illinois border every day, increasing to 15,000 on the double-numbered US 40 in Terre Haute. The double numbering with the US 41 counts between 8,000 and 20,000 vehicles, with the busier part at Terre Haute. The double numbering with US 150 from Vincennes to the east has 8,000 vehicles and 1,200 to 3,000 vehicles heading toward Louisville. The last section in New Albany is busier with 53,000 vehicles, because the road here is double-numbered with I-64.

US 150 in Indiana