Turn Basics to Outward Astronomically

Basics are a great thing – the timeless classic fit to almost all pieces of clothing in the wardrobe and can be combined wonderfully.

However they have the reputation to be inconspicuous Companion. With a few tricks, you can turn your favorite basics in stylish eye-catcher.

Here, I have a few tips for you.


All basics in plus size can be used in the scene. We do the time from bottom to top:

  • Shoes go under quickly visually under a long pair of pants.With skirts and dresses, you can emphasize it much better. So, just not more boring also simple ankle boots or black high heels, but eye-popping.
  • You can spice up plain shorts with eye-catching belts.
  • The women’s clothing gives you much room.Scarves, scarves, necklaces and bracelets bring liveliness in the outfit – even when you’re wearing only a Mar­Vel­LOUS XXL long sleeve.
  • Under Basic tops you can wear lace tops well in large sizes – the looking forth mouthpiece PEPs also a basic part on.

Color-Blocking you can try out well with basics. To combine multiple colors, with very special shells would be quickly overloaded?

Also monochrome outfits from basics have their charm!


If you want to use highlights not only by combinations with other parts, you can turn even your basics themselves. With a little skill, some funds, which is there for very little money in the craft store and a dose of creativity!

Some suggestions for you:
  • Take a Blazer, which is closed with a button only.Can you replace, say, a chain and have been an eye-catcher.
  • You can sew elegant lace adroitly itself E.g. at the neckline of a basic shirts. Tip there is in many craft stores or on eBay for a few euros to snag.
  • Also loose beads or Swarowski crystals, there is cheap in the craft supplies. With textile glue, you can apply it yourself on your basic parts and thus accents.

In this way, incidentally, also good many expensive designer parts that have inspired you can “imitate”.

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