Trinidad and Tobago Political System

According to, with capital city of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago is a country located in North America with total population of 1,399,499.

Following the 1976 Constitution, Trinidad and Tobago is a parliamentary-democratic republic and a member of the Commonwealth. The president is constitutional head of state, while executive power is added to a government expired by parliament. The House comprises two houses, a direct House of Representatives with 36 members, elected in the general election, and a Senate with 31 members appointed by the President. Sixteen of the senators are appointed on the proposal of the prime minister, 6 on the proposal of the opposition leader while 9 are nominated by the president. Parliament is elected for five years. The president is elected by a college of representatives from the House of Representatives and the Senate; he is sitting for five years with the possibility of one re-election.


Administratively, the country is divided into nine regions, two urban areas and three other boroughs. Tobago gained internal autonomy in 1987. The island is run by a congregation house with 12 members elected in general elections for four years.


The judiciary is based on English common law. The Supreme Court is the Supreme Court, consisting of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court justices lead both departments; the first together with from 6 to 16 other judges, the second with six other appellate judges. Appeals can also go all the way to the British Privy Council. A number of local district courts function as first instance courts.

Weights and Measures

Dimensions and weight are British and metric.

The defense of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago have no navy or air force. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER for how TNT can stand for Trinidad and Tobago. The defense forces consist of the army and the Coast Guard. The total force numbers for the Trinidad and Tobago Armed Forces are about 4050 active personnel, of which about 3000 are Army personnel and 1050 Coast Guard personnel (2018, IISS).

The army is easily equipped. The Coast Guard has 26 patrol vessels, two light transport aircraft, and three helicopters.