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Choosing tours to Greece, every traveler has the opportunity not only to enjoy a luxurious holiday on clean beaches and luxury hotels, but also to touch the mysteries of history and hear the mysterious whisper of the heroes of Hellas.

An unusual coastline and an endless series of sandy beaches will make a beach holiday in Greece unforgettable. The warm sea and the soft rays of the sun, diving and surfing, diving to coral reefs and walking in the open sea are a real dream for travelers from Moscow and other regions.

Folk wisdom says that “Greece has everything!”. And the tour operator in Greece confirms these words with each individual tour: the ancient ruins of amphitheaters and relic structures, ancient and modern Athens, Mycenae and Olympia, the islands of Crete and Rhodes will give real pleasure to every tourist!

Greece is a country of comfortable rest and this comfort is manifested in all areas: luxury hotels and reputable restaurants, excellent shopping at affordable prices and vibrant nightlife. Greece cannot be forgotten and cannot be visited only once! Those who have visited this country at least once wish to return there every year!

Greece Description

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Greece is located in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula and on the adjacent islands of the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Approximately 2/3 of the territory is occupied by medium-altitude mountains and plateaus. The coast is heavily dissected. A trip to Greece is the sun, sea, mountains and relaxation, as well as immersion in the history and culture of the country, numbering five millennia, acquaintance with the origins of Western European civilization.

If you are interested in art history and archeology, a trip to Greece will give you an unforgettable experience, it will be an exceptional event. Not only large and famous, but also small cities and numerous islands have their own monuments of antiquity, their rich history.

Athens (the capital of Greece) is the center of Attica, a peninsula in the southeast of central Greece. The southern tip of the peninsula is formed by Cape Sounion, where one of the majestic monuments of antiquity is located – the temple of Poseidon.

Delphi – the sanctuary of Apollo in Phocis, where the famous oracle was located and the Pythian games were held. Nature and ancient ruins are mixed here in an amazing way, emphasizing the beauty of each other. Here you can visit the temple of Apollo, the theater, the stadium, the museum, wash yourself with the water of the Kastal spring (according to legend, it rejuvenates), see the “navel of the Earth”, the stone of Sybil.

Olympia – Since prehistoric times, the Olympic Games in honor of Zeus have been held here every four years. Since the revival of the Games in 1896, the Olympic flame has been lit again here in the ancient sanctuary. From here he makes his journey to the venue of the next Olympic Games.

Mycenae is a city and fortress in the northern part of the Peloponnese. In the second half of the II millennium BC. here was one of the centers of the most ancient civilization, called the Mycenaean. In Mycenae are the famous “Lion’s Gate”, the tomb of Agamemnon, the royal palace.

Crete is the largest island of Greece, the cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations on earth – the Minoan, a place with which the legend of Daedalus and Icarus is connected. The ruins of a remarkable monument of that era, the Palace of Knossos, have survived to this day. Crete is also an island that has all the conditions for an excellent holiday – sandy beaches, calm blue sea, hot sun, first-class hotels.

Rhodes is a large fertile island off the southwestern coast of Asia Minor. It is famous for the statue of the Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the world, which was once located there, as well as three thousand other statues scattered around the island. On Rhodes there are monuments of the classical period, the period of the conquest of the island by the Knights of Jerusalem Island, etc.


Hippocrates Island, the third largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes and Karpathos, with a picturesque port, beautiful sandy beaches, clear seas and wonderful archaeological sites.

Being very close to the coast of Asia Minor, between Kalymnos and Nisyros, Kos is 201 nautical miles from Piraeus. Most of the island is flat, and only on the eastern outskirts there is a mountain range (the top is Dykeon, 846 m). The area of ​​the island is 290 km 2, the length of the coastline is 112 km. The population exceeds 20,000 people.

The climate of the island is mild. This circumstance, as well as a large number of sunny days, wonderful sandy beaches and the beauty of the city of Kos, have allowed the island to become a center of international tourism. You can fly to Kos by plane from Athens and Rhodes or sail by ferry from Piraeus, Rafina, the Cyclades, the islands of the northern and eastern Aegean, from Kavala, from Crete, Rhodes and other islands of the Dodecanese.


The Peloponnese is the southernmost region of mainland Greece. It is a large peninsula connected to the mainland by the Isthmus of Corinth. On the one hand, the Peloponnese is washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea, and on the other hand, by the waters of the Saronic Gulf.

The western part of the peninsula is especially picturesque: the luxurious beaches of the Mediterranean, on the one hand, are washed by the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, and on the other hand, are bordered by the greenery of olive, oak, pine groves and orange orchards. The Peloponnese has still retained its originality: mountain villages, pastures, ancient Byzantine towns, lack of industry.

The most attractive side of the Peloponnese is its vast historical heritage, an abundance of attractions. The excursion program here can be very interesting. In addition, it is convenient to make day trips to other parts of Greece from the peninsula.

There are much fewer hotels on the peninsula than in other resorts. The beaches in the Peloponnese are mostly sandy or sandy with a few small pebbles. The climate is Mediterranean: mild winters alternate with hot summers, which are refreshed by seasonal trade winds.


Rhodes belongs to the group of the Dodecanese Islands in the southeast of the Aegean Sea and has the shape of an ellipse with an area of ​​1398 km 2. The maximum length and width of the island are 77 and 37 km, respectively. This is one of the most interesting holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Unique historical monuments are perfectly preserved here. For example, the Castle of the Knights of the Order of Malta. Rhodes once hosted one of the seven wonders of the world – the “Colossus of Rhodes” – a huge statue built in honor of the sun god – Helios. The mild climate, clear sea, bright sun, gorgeous beaches, luxurious hotels, noisy nightlife with disco clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos make this place attractive for millions of tourists from all over the world.

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