#These are the 8 best styling tips for Curvy

1. A penchant for patterns

Curvy women should wear simple black best? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Just a great pattern can act flattering. The important thing is to choose the perfect silhouette. In voluminous, patterned kaftans course everyone goes under. Better access to a patterned suit with narrow trousers and a tailored blazer. Those who prefer to cautiously venture into the pattern look up, can also choose a patterned blazer and combine it with dark, simple basics or wear a beautiful dress with opaque tights.

2. Do not be afraid horizontal stripes

“Just do not wear horizontal stripes that make you fat” – the phrase you always hear. Although longitudinal strips stretch at first glance a little, it does not say, should disappear the tuck out of the closet. Again, the fit of the garment is the most important thing. If true, horizontal stripes in every dress size can be a beautiful eye-catcher, but not bulky.

3. Wear Bright colors

Obese women like to wear dark colors like black and gray to get noticed as little as possible. It just make colorful color a great look. Even with a large size should not be afraid to stand out with a stylish appearance. How about, for example, with a glowing dress, an autumn coat or tops in blast color?

4. High-heels are overrated

“Only high-heeled slim and trendy” – also this motto is long outdated. Heels stretch surely the silhouette, but flat shoes are not the same prohibited. On the contrary: Flat shoes are not only much more convenient, depending on the style, they can make a look even coherent and transparent. In beautiful Flats and sneakers worth investing.

5. Find inspiration

Women with plus sizes often think that if their options limited and they can not wear what they see in fashion magazines and designers. That’s not true, shows fashion blogger and plus-size model Jeniese Hosey and stylt prefers the looks slimmer Models after. Their motto: Just as slim women also that curvy women have to discover their style once for themselves and try.Restrictions do not exist.

6. Set with your curves Accents

It is a very simple tip, which applies to all: Emphasize your assets. Do you have a slim waist, but strong legs? Then you can not go wrong with a midi skirt and matching shirt. You taut legs and narrow bondage, but your belly you do not like? Then choose a short dress in A-line that emphasizes your legs. For this, a belted waist can not be combined, which directs the view of the legs directly to the waist.

7. Denim is always

A common cliché is that curvy women should wear only dresses and skirts to emphasize their femininity. That’s not true. Denim is one of the most current trends and looks at women in sizes from trendy and stylish. Whether pants or shirts – on a good fit is what counts. When buying a pair of jeans should be taken to ensure that the jeans contains at least three percent spandex, so they also sitting comfortably. Enge “skinny jeans” flattering way most.

8. Forget all the rules

Many women let that restrict what may wear Curvy and what is not. It is important to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. Styling Rules should not be seen too seriously, but as an inspiration. And only those who dare to try new things, find out what is best to him.