The New Beachwear – Plus Tips on Which One Goes Swimming Guaranteed (Not)!

There are beautiful bikinis, Swimsuits & co. every year literally like grains of sand by the sea – the art is to fish the perfect part that most flatters their own bodies from a huge range of online shops. We made on the search and for each type of figure – by woman over athletic to androgynous – a few tips and the right swimwear put together. Have fun shopping!

Each character type has its very own swimwear – we give you tips, fits what beachwear to whom:

You are not sure, what type of character you are? Make our Bikini Test !

The Apple type: female curves on the belly and hips

Figure: Women who belong to the so-called “Apple type”, have a rather small and flat Po. Female curves are divided, however, especially on the abdomen and hip.

The matching bikini: Bikinis in the 50s style with waist high panties conjure up a flatter stomach. Those who prefer more substance, access to the classic bathing suit or a Tankini.

The sporty androgynous type with small breasts

Figure: The waist is relatively straight, shoulders and lower body are about the same width and the rather small breasts.

The matching bikini: Triangle tops with Ruffles, Ruffles, and loops, Halter and bandeau – give visually more volume and conjure up a weiblichere figure. Perfect bikini panties for the sporty androgynous type are hot pants, low-cut briefs in form of bandeau and Pantys with additional details. Also swimsuits with side cut-outs and Monokinis give visually more curves.

The bulb type: narrow torso, female lower body

Figure: Women who belong to the so-called “bulb type”, the upper body is slightly more delicate as the lower body, the shoulders are narrower than the lower body. While the waist is slender and sharp, butt, hips, and legs are rather strong.

The matching bikini: Eye-catching frills, bikinis with fringes, pattern – bikini tops bandeau – or scoop-neck shape (round neck), which draw attention to the upper body, are optimal. A classic-cut Mar­Vel­LOUS bikini panties or a model consistent with a subtle pattern. Also Tankinis and swimsuits are a good shopping choice. The “more” of fabric gives a straight body shape.

The hourglasses type: slim waist, feminine curves breast and buttocks

Figure: Perfect for a bikini! Women who belong to the so-called ‘hourglasses type”, have a slim waist, about the same wide shoulders and hips and feminine curves breast and buttocks.

The matching bikini: Everything is possible – whether narrow bikini, feminine cut swimsuit or Tankini. Unusual colors, patterns, and cuts are the “hourglasses”type super.