The Looks-Zizzi Long, Longer Coat.

Although now a flu totally knocked out me, I have yet an outfit for you that I already last week have photographed every morning before work. Before that week, I was with Amélie in Osnabrück on a small breaks. There’s the shopping centres L & T the really great store namely, errand, “Ruby’s curves Queen”, and Yes, I find the name also so terrible as you, but if you time it says that is quickly forgotten.

I am the totally knock over from a cold, but I still have some lovely sunny pics I took right before work. May favorite part of this outfit, is the long Zizzi cardigan that I bought at a lovely plus size shop in Osnabrück, Germany. 

Because Ruby’s is a really big plus size store, super bright and chic, and the all best, I there is a huge selection of Zizzi, Junarose, or triangle. Of course I the usual and somewhat less modern brands like Samoon or via Appia are represented, however, it is a really good mix of very new, modern, and somewhat reminsicent stuff.

The best thing for me is definitely finally to wander alone through shelves, full grab the whole arm with clothes and then in the locker room actually once again to stand, that you don’t know what you should buy everything, because everything is sitting before the small tragedy. I finally tried me by many things by Zizzi, and am really convinced by their fit. This super chic Houndstooth pattern Jacket comes from the current collection, only one of many purchases, the I there machte…und which all appear determined in the course of the autumn.

The shop is about in an hour drive away from me, but for me it’s something really special to just walk into a shop and try stuff on, as 90% of the shopping I do is online. There aren’t any good plus size shop here, and finding this one, which sells brands like Zizzi or Junarose is a real treasure. 

I’m really in love with this coat, he is in a serious but not too thick fabric, and can look like just a little bit more high fashion, you know what I mean? I feel in there in any case properly. Amélie also bought a beautiful coat, through which she has already written here .

I feel like this cardigan give every outfit this special child of high fashion feeling, it’s something classy, but so really, really on trend. And I am totally in love with it. 

I hope there are a few sunny days, so long it is not too cold, I’m looking forward to some very nice outfits with boots and skirts and long cardigans.