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Finally, finally, finally! Sea, Sun, and I was able to inaugurate before the summer of end of but still really my bikini. But before we jump into the water together, I gotta pick you first, because we are stopped in the last post somehow somewhere in Germany. As you can follow on Gin & Apple’s, I am now arrived in England. We are over three weeks on the road, even if we’re a little behind with the posts about.

Road tripping poses many challenges, but also so incredibly much joy, inspiration and freedom. I I learn the feeling at the time and every day something new about me and see countless beautiful places and corners. At the moment we are on a campsite in the vicinity of Plymouth, and when we arrived on Thursday where we had perfect beach weather, lots of Sun and a little wind. Euphoric at last to jump in the sea, we packed our bags with towels and food fully and ran with the plan until the evening on the beach to stay going on. For something we noticed two minutes, that the descent to the beach probably would be steeper and longer a lot than you thought, and after the half line I wanted to give up shortly, alone because of the impending resurgence. But after steep paths and much too high stairs, who were beaten in the stone, we were suddenly in a beautiful, Sun-flooded Bay with roaring waves, and everything was forgotten.

We were bathing, jumped into the waves, have located in the Sun and eaten until it was then still fresh in the evening and with low standing Sun. Honestly I really was afraid of the rise, and call emergency services have Elsa, looked for the case that I have because I umgeknickte to or break me equal to the foot, actually everything was so bad then but. So, it was pretty bad and I now have sore muscles in the thighs and was between by completely except breathing, but each step was worth so, because we all the time had views from infinity and I was filled me luck and Sun.

What I’ve learned this afternoon was, that the true challenge for me not me in a bikini on the beach set was, which is why I also not so many words about wants to fall in love, but my body to trust that he can do a lot more than I always think.

The Bikini which I’m wearing is from the collection of GabiFresh for Swimsuitsforall, he sits fairly well, kept in the big waves and my breasts are not suddenly been exposed. Criticize I would but that as long as the Bikini dry and no longer than 30 seconds on the body sits wrap effect, which is only beautiful by these bands, which one puts together to. As soon as one moves or swim moves everything and quickly so looks like you would have just tied a thin, black band around the stomach. I’m still pretty happy with the purchase, because the Bikini fit me wonderfully and I me incredibly well in there have geflöht.


Finally, sunshine and the ocean. Finally I could’t induct my bikini before the summer ends. But before I am going to take you to the ocean with me, I am trying to catch up with what has happened, as white my last post I still in Germany. If you follow Gin & apples, you might have Lakes I am already traveling England for three weeks now, even though we are a little behind with posts about it. 

Road tripping definitely is a experience with lots of challenges, but also so much joy and freedom, we explore beautiful places everyday and see so many things. Right now we are at a campsite near Plymouth and when we arrived on Thursday I was super excited about the perfect beach weather, so we packed out stuff and wanted to hit the beach for the rest of the day. It turned out to be a little less easy, as the way to the beach was a path down a cliff coast with high steps and exhaustingly arched ways, but the moment I stepped into the sun floated Whitsand Bay everything else was forgotten. 

We jumped into the sea, swim and splashed in the waves, lay in the sun and had a picnic, till the sun was starting to set and it got fresher with every minutes. I have to say I was a little scared of the way back up, already imagined Elsa having to call the emergency cause I broke my foot or something, but even if it was a hard way up, it was manageable.It was hard and i have a muscle arch in my thighs now and was totally out of breath, but all the way up we had such a lovely view and I was soaked with sun and happiness.

My learning for this day was the real challenge wasn’t sitting on the beach in a bikini, which is why I am not writing that much about it, but to trust my body that I am able to to a lot more things then I always think.

The bikini I am wearing is from the GabiFresh collection for Swimsuitsforall, it’s fitting really good, what hold-up every part of my body even while swimming and hard waves, no surprise boob showing off. As much as I like the look of the wrap effect, the two stripes of fabric you wrap around your body are a little annoying as soon as they get wet, they don’t really stay in place and end of looking like two thin stripes, I still like this bikini very much and it made me feel really good about myself.


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