The Controversy of ‘Giving Note 3’ T-Shirts: Should They Be All The Protagonists Take The Same Clothes, Be Which Be His Body?

Fans of giving the note await expectantly the premiere of the third party, whose shooting began last January. Luckily, the protagonists of the film are being very active on Instagram, and all we are having a window of luxury from which glimpse of some details of the shooting. Rebel Wilson, one of the favorite actresses of the public, published this week an image that is giving much, much to talk about. What’s weird in this picture?

Pictured are three of the main characters of the movie (the own Rebel, Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit) dressed with a maritime-themed outfit. All three wear pants dark jeans, white belt and red and white horizontal striped t-shirt. But there is a do subtle? difference. Rebel t-shirt has no neck halter and neck bass, as her companions, but long sleeves and a more discreet round neckline. Instagram the marimorena has reinforced.

Many users have pointed out that Rebel should be the same top to her companions, that they should not discriminate against it for being plus size because it also is a favorite of the public, while import to anyone his size. Others, however, have come out in his defense, arguing that every woman should carry clothing that feels more comfortable.

A controversy in one of the favorite cinematographic sagas of the public, with a background of body movement positive background. The key would be to know if different garments chose them own actress because she feels more comfortable or if it has been a demand of the script. None of the protagonists of the controversy has been pronounced so far.