Taylor Momsen in the Low-Fat Craze

Another victim of the size zero trend in Hollywood. Which appeared shockingly emaciated “Gossip Girl” Star for an interview with the BBC

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen was always very slim. When she appeared this week in the British BBC but to promote their band “The Pretty Reckless”, also the toughest fans were afraid: on the bone appeared emaciated in the baby doll to the interview. In the last year, she said: “I’m just naturally thin. My mother is really thin, I’m big – good genes precisely”. But since then, Taylor has lost still seem to be some kilos. Their explanation: “I eat healthy and running much, because I live in New York. So I just run, rather than to take the taxi”.

Momsen is victim of the size zero trend

However, she admitted that in Hollywood, an incredible pressure rule look good later with the presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. For this reason she read any messages about themselves, who criticized what she look like. Taylor as unimpressed as that sounds, but by the slimming madness in Hollywood doesn’t seem to be. Apparently, the 16 year old is another victim of the size zero trend, which also stars Lara Flynn Boyle, Renee Zellwegger and Sarah Jessica Parker fell victim to. Let us hope that the gossip girl comes back to his senses and we need to worry more at the sight of her pictures in the future.