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Barbara spear mode in XXL

A look at current fashion magazines can be depressing for many women.The bad thing here is that large size often offer no appealing designs. Or cut to the great creations seemingly not for every woman. With this situation, wanted one but no longer deal in the home of Barbara Speer and decided without further ADO, to design • Read More »

Manon Baptiste Fashion In Xxl

Are you in your current situation where until now rather less search crowned by success after big sizes, without having to sacrifice this only in small size on visually appealing designs? If that also on you should apply, you can get by now be sure, in the wide range of Manon Baptiste fashion fully at your expense • Read More »

Stylisten-Duo Manuel Cortez und Miyabi Kawai

Ready For diversity is a major concern of Plus Size Fashion Days. At the event in Hamburg was all about Size Fashion, beautiful, curvy women and issues such as self-esteem and self-love. On the Market Place, the small Plus Size fair, we were the sympathetic and stylish pair Manuel Cortez and Miyabi Kawai Meet the consignment closet alarm • Read More »

How to Style Different Body Types

The media tend to easily put all rounds in the same bag. And yet, even in large size, each has a round morphology of its own.