Sustainable Costa Rica Trips by Specialists

Colorful animal worlds, mystical jungle landscapes, centuries-old cultures, mighty volcanoes and dreamy beaches – all of this awaits you in Costa Rica. Neither nature lovers, sun worshipers nor connoisseurs will miss out here. As far as the eye can see, the colorful and – sometimes quite loud – animal world extends in Costa Rica. Costa Rica presents itself with a variety that enchants everyone. Pura Vida!

Separate cancellation conditions for new bookings to Costa Rica

With the largest specialist for Costa Rica, you have the opportunity to cancel free of charge up to 45 days before departure and to rebook free of charge up to 25 days before arrival. If you wish, we will only issue your flights four weeks prior to departure. The trip ” No Risk – full fun ” can even be canceled free of charge up to seven days before the start of the trip.

Travel information in brief

When is the best time to travel?

Due to its different climatic zones, Costa Rica is easy to travel all year round. In some travel guides it is often presented a little differently. So far, we have always had great trips even in the supposedly worse travel months of May, June, September and October. In the tropics, one or the other rain shower is usually unavoidable anyway.
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What currency do you pay with?

The official currency in Costa Rica is the Colón. The prices are also shown in US dollars. So you can actually pay with both currencies anywhere. It is advisable to bring cash in US dollars and a credit card. With this you can easily withdraw cash in the larger cities, but you may have to expect waiting times at the banks.

Which vaccinations do you need?

As a tour operator, we are not allowed to give any vaccination recommendations. From our own experience, however, vaccinations against hepatitis A and typhus have proven effective. Please consult your doctor in detail about the vaccinations some time before your stay in Costa Rica, so that you can definitely have them in good time.

How does the entry / visa work

German citizens can enter Costa Rica for 90 days without a visa with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. German children’s ID cards are also recognized. Problems can arise if the child is only noted in the parents’ passport. Please note the provisions of the Federal Foreign Office:

Costa Rica – What not to be missed

Who is a Costa Rica trip perfect for? The exotic Costa Rica offers something for everyone who is looking for a mixture of nature, adventure and relaxation on vacation. In the numerous national parks you can either hike on your own, for example on the well-signposted hiking trails of the Manuel Antonio National Park. Or you can rely on the knowledge and the trained eye of the local tour guides, who recognize well-camouflaged animals such as motionless iguanas with the naked eye long in advance.

What animals can you see in Costa Rica? At certain times you can make particularly impressive animal observations in Costa Rica, namely when the turtles crawl ashore on the various beaches in the Caribbean and the Pacific to lay their eggs. Six to eight weeks later, the hatching of the babies is another highlight that you won’t soon forget. But there is also a lot of life in the marine national parks : while snorkeling in the offshore reef off Cahuita, you can come across a striped ray or the blue parrotfish and in the Marino Ballena National Park and off the Isla del Caño you have already seen whales.

What activities can you do in Costa Rica? Adventure seekers get their money’s worth with the so-called canopy through the treetops of giants of the jungle. You can also increase your pulse rate while rafting on several rivers. Those who prefer it more sporty can go on trekking for several days and listen to the sounds of the jungle in the tent or stay with Costa Rican families. In addition, daredevils can try their hand at surfing for the first time on the dream beaches. Or you simply decide to lie down in a hammock and enjoy the fantastic view – be it of a breathtaking volcano or the glowing red sun sinking into the sea.

Sustainable Costa Rica Trips by Specialists