Solomon Islands Political System

According to, with capital city of Honiara, Solomon Islands is a country located in Melanesia with total population of 686,895.

Where is Solomon Islands

Constitution and political system

Following the Constitution of 1978, the Solomon Islands is a parliamentary-democratic and unitary constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the British Queen, who is represented by a Governor General. Executive is added to the government. The prime minister is elected by and from the members of parliament, while the other members of government are appointed by the governor-general, on a proposal from the prime minister. The prime minister and government are accountable to Parliament, the legislative authority, which has 50 members elected in general elections from one-person circles for up to four years. Political loyalties are based more on personal and local considerations than on party affiliation.

The country of Solomon Islands is divided into nine provinces as well as the metropolitan area. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER for how SB can stand for Solomon Islands.


There is a court order, an appeal court and magistrate’s court. Judge of the Superior Court may appeal to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal consists of members of the High Court as well as senior judges from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. There are also local courts manned by seniors from the local communities, with their own appeal court.

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