Soft and Seductive Women, How to Enhance the Strengths of Plus Size

Soft and seductive Women, how to enhance the strengths of plus size making them sexy and charming women. After the revolution, anti photoshop and fight against anorexia slowly, thanks to some beautiful models with soft shapes, glossy magazines and fashion on the catwalk is perhaps also imposing a new prototype of feminine beauty, more natural and healthy.

The famous campaign where for authentic beauty based on the belief that girls are bombarded by unrealistic and unattainable images and models of beauty which adversely affects their self-esteem, the Handbook for women soft “Curvy, the glamorous side of roundness” of Daniela Fedi, plus size women today are increasingly a reality even in the media.

Among the most sexy curvy women we find the beautiful Kate Upton, present on the covers of Vogue and other magazines, is also the most clicked on the internet by turning the head to many men due to its soft curves. Even Jennie Runk, size 48, H & M’s beachwear collection campaign of a few years ago, has achieved worldwide fame as one of the most beautiful curvy lady. Among the women wearing plus sizes fairs we find the model size 50 Tara Lynn, photographed by the number The Size Issue of V Magazine that conquered the French with the cover of Elle France and with 20 pages. Even the sultry Robyn Lawely, size 44, which was the first oversized model of Raulph Lauren and has already posed for the covers of Elle, Glamour and Vogue Italy and for a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Australia, is having a great success along with many other beautiful curvy models.

But what is the secret of these beautiful women plus size? What steps to follow to enhance the strengths of oversize women? We discover together a few small suggestions:

  • enhance your breasts, surely prosperous and abundant.It is very important to choose the right bra that is not vulgar and, at the same, does not offend the curves. Opt for a intimate that tune wearing lingerie with lace and transparency in all the right places, focusing on the shape and depth of the Cup because that’s the main secret that sensual makes your forms.
  • Take care of your appearance: no to a shabby clothing and Yes to not emphasize some rollclothes slippedout of place. The choice of outfit is very important in every occasion, not only for special evenings, even to go to the supermarket to buy groceries.
  • Taking care of your skin, face and body.Catered for the make up, hydrated and brightened the face skin and fixing his eyes so as to enhance the look. Pay close attention to the physical,trying to keep it toned and in shape, despite some extra pounds too much training is absolutely necessary to keep the skin taut and firm. Do not neglect even hands and feet, with enamels and french manicure.
  • Always wear heels that extend any kind of physical, stealing a couple of pounds less. There are many types of different height, just very little to slim and change the perception of the body.
  • Enhance intelligence, always betting on the brain as well as your beautiful shapes: men, you know, like curves but they also love the company of women able to take little seriously and able to play down on their appearance.Irony has always been one of the best weapons to seduce a man.

I mean, look in the mirror proud of your curves and remember some of the most sexy big icons of cinema loved by all the male population as, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, were beautiful and proud of their forms.