So Wird Curvy Model Ashley Graham Zur Fashionikone

Curvy Model Ashley Graham wears clothing size 44. She has cellulite away at the legs, flabby upper arms and is far from a six-pack stomach. And yet she is a fashion icon.

Pure Sensuality and a Beautiful Face

Although Ashley Graham not nearly corresponds to the typical skinny models, it is still a star in the fashion industry . In the plus-size model industry it has also long been the top favorites. After all, she is modeling since the age of 12 and has his own words never dieted and gladly eaten anyway.

The jump in the classic fashion world she managed, just because she has curves . Ashley Graham is a dream come true of pure seduction and sensuality. Your body is perfectly formed, whereby it appears overall very feminine and sexy. Overall, the curvy model comes very close with its dimensions of reality of a desirable woman. Ashley Graham’s extra-large dimensions to be crowned by a beautiful face that Americans love: Small nose, seductive looking eyes and sharp cheekbones in narrow face.Caressed it is of long, flowing, brown hair.

Sports Illustrated: The Beginning of A Successful career

Early 2015 the miracle happened: The plus-size model Ashley Graham is on the cover of Sports Illustrated ready. In the long history of the magazine well-trained and extremely slim models were photographed by then that hardly had more dimensions. This year showed Ashley Graham in Video magazine extremely sexy in bikini and brought with her ​​appearance three men out of the socket. She was in this year’s fashion icon for the campaign “Curves in bikinis”.

The success of this edition was overwhelming and made ​​for Ashley Graham launched an international modeling career. It was followed by the New York Fashion Week, where she presented herself and other plus-size model their own underwear collection. The highlight of the moderation of the Oscars is far early 2016. Despite its oversize sent as Fashion Iconquestioned about the outfits of the stars and starlets on the catwalk. Since then, she is an integral part in the fashion and fashion world.

I think Ashley Graham has done much more than to climb the corporate ladder as a model. She has proven that strong, plump women are beautiful and sensual. Hopefully remain with us for a long time the Plus Size icon in the fashion world!