Slavske, Ukraine

Slavske is a ski center in the village of the same name in the Lviv region, in the center of the Carpathians, in an ecologically clean corner of the Opir River valley at an altitude of 600 m.

These places have a rich history – the first local settlements date back to the 10th century, they played a big role in the period of feudal fragmentation. And at the beginning of the last century, during the time of Polish citizenship, Polish and Austro-Hungarian nobility came here “to the waters”, to the mineral spring, and, obeying the demand, boarding houses began to appear in Slavske. Then all the entertainment that the resort could offer its guests consisted of sleigh rides and participation in mass holidays. Today, a wide range of resort services and the level of service will impress any fan of winter sports.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Ukraine is 43.81 million (2021).

How to get there

If you choose a railway connection and go from Moscow, then the Moscow-Chop train is best, it runs quite often. You can go with a transfer in Kiev – both from Moscow to Kiev, and from Kiev to Chop, trains run daily and all year round. Being already on the territory of Ukraine, you can get there by trains of the Uzhgorod direction or by train from Lviv. You can also get from Lviv by regular bus or fixed-route taxi in 3.5 hours, they run 4 times a day. Many people prefer to get to Slavske by car.


The ski center is not the only one – there are a lot of accommodation options. There are 2 boarding houses, 8 recreation centers (the 9th one is under construction), 13 hotels – from mini-hotels to cottage settlements, 4 health centers, which, in addition to renting sports equipment, offer treatment programs on the territory of Slavsky.

The private sector is quite extensive, and if you stay at the resort for more than a week, you should contact the owners of the property directly – this will help save money.

Slavsky trails

On Mount Trostyan (1232 m) there are trails of different difficulty levels, except for the “black” ones, located on all slopes. A sports track has been laid on the central slope, so access there is often limited. At the foot of the western slope there is the so-called “Great Valley of Dummies” – a small gentle slope, ideal for beginners. There are storage rooms near the lifts.

On the second mountain of the resort, under the strange (at first glance) name Polytechnic, there are lifts belonging to the Lviv Polytechnic and Lviv Physical and Mechanical Institutes (of course, this does not mean that they are open only to students of these universities). The slopes are gentle, perfect for beginners and families with children.

On the third mountain, Pogar (857 m), slopes of medium difficulty are well suited for snowboarders.

Shopping and souvenirs

The art gallery “Maxim” offers to combine the contemplation of beauty with the purchase of souvenirs, where an exhibition and sale of artists participating in international plein airs in Slavske is open on an ongoing basis. Here you can order a portrait from nature or from a photograph, as well as purchase your favorite Carpathian landscapes, made in oil or watercolor.

Cuisine and restaurants

For those who want to diversify their leisure time without leaving far from the resort, there are also many options. Almost every hotel and every recreation center has restaurants, nightclubs, bars. Right on the slopes, “remote bars” are open where you can eat, drink tea, coffee or hot wine. There are several similar establishments in the village itself. There is a billiard room in one of the mini-hotels in Slavsky, not far from the ski lift to Mount Trostyan.

Entertainment and attractions of Slavske

If you plan to stay in Slavske for a long time, then you should think about the variety of leisure activities, since the rich history and magnificent nature of these places offer all the possibilities.

Natural beauty

There are many geological monuments in the Slavske region, and one of the most famous is the Pysana Krinitsa mineral spring, where, according to legend, the Ukrainian folk hero Oleksa Dovbash met his beloved. It is located on the mountain High Top. The mountain with a similar name, Great Top, is the highest in the area – 1598 m – and attracts tourists with an unusual design – a metal pyramid that is located on its top.

7 km from Slavsky another geological attraction is the Kamenetsky waterfall, and a little further away is the largest and most beautiful Carpathian waterfall Shypit. There are many mountain lakes in the vicinity of Slavskoe. Swimming for a ski resort, of course, is irrelevant, but these lakes are worth it just to look at them. Very close to Slavskoe is Lake Khaschevanske, a little further away – Synevyrske. On Lake Synevyr there are several observation platforms that are successfully integrated into the landscape, from which a wonderful view of the lake and mountains opens.

Historical landmarks

History lovers will be attracted by the so-called. The Dovbush Rocks are all that remains of the once flourishing rock monastery, which later turned into a fortress. Those who like excursions to historical places, the Tustan State Museum-Reserve located nearby, in the village of Urich, awaits daily from 9:15 to 17:45. Here you can see an exposition dedicated to the history of the rock-fortified city of Tustan, examine archaeological finds and visit the reconstructed room of the governor of the 13th century.

Those interested in recent history can contact the Carpathian Museum of the Liberation Struggle of Ukraine, it is open on weekends (but tours are also possible on weekdays by prior arrangement). Its diverse exposition tells about the liberation movements of Ukraine in the 20th century.


In Slavske there are excellent opportunities for winter fishing, fishing rods and other equipment are rented. There are many saunas and swimming pools, both within the recreation centers and in the village itself. You can rent an ATV or a snowmobile, but this can only be called “rent” conditionally – trips are carried out with an accompanying person and along certain routes. For an additional fee, ATV trips include fishing or barbecue.

Slavske, Ukraine