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Ten things men really want to bed. Plus: effective tips that (s) extra

That most men have nothing against a blowjob and prefer it if in the prelude, not too much time elapses until we touch her best piece, is known. But Men are also not so simple knit that a constant, simultaneous up and down (be it with your mouth or hand), a pair of breasts and other female charms will be sufficient to satisfy a man in bed completely and permanently.

In your bed give unforgettable highlights of the gentlemen (and even maximum enjoy!), tells OUR SITE, what do men in bed and gives extra tips by the solid standard sex a Deluxe program is:

Get active!

Men are conquerors. But two people belong to a successful audition. The men’s need as well as the ladies feel to be coveted. A sex study 2010 published, 60 percent of the men declared that they desire, her partner would take the initiative in sex more frequently.

Therefore: Take over the active seduction part more often! That does not mean that you must – put a rehearsed striptease in stockings and boots although this of course does not adversely affect. Already a sexy SMS with a seductive promise for the evening program, please send your loved one at noon, will make him equally happy and excite. To learn what you should do when you face him then in the evening, in the following sex tips…

Be confident!

The secret of a sexy look is simple: show him that you feel comfortable in your body! A woman with him at peace, is also the man will find no errors (and anyway the guys that nagging about us, do not succeed in our bed). The men want a confident lady who knows what she wants. So it bothers even 26 percent GQ poll when she coyly drops the light during sex.

So: Spot on! Be proud on your body and enjoy sex to the fullest – then he will do it! To him really mad to drive and to demonstrate your self love lets you like (themselves!) him living example, what turns you on. He is like to go you to the hand after he has seen, what moves you like. Also a mirror to the wall or ceiling gives him this voyeuristic pleasure.

Hand set

Whether as a prelude or highlight in between, handmade belongs to good sex to do this. But many men complain about a too dry matter. To provide smooth highlights the Lords, you should apply cream is generally always good your hands and the hand job with lubricant (if necessary saliva) provide for a flutschige matter.

Hand job Tip: So you can find the perfect rhythm, grab his penis and let your guide your partner with his hands. So learn, the pressure and the speed of the movement just know how he loves it – and can demonstrate your new skills the next time all alone.


No matter what sex study it is at hand: the blowjob is and remains one of the greatest desires of men. Two-thirds of the men said in a survey of the Meinungsforschungsintstituts Forsa that they long for more passive oral sex.

The most important: Be fully when the thing, while you pamper him and show him that they would rather do nothing at this moment, as to spoil his best piece. More blowjob tips for beginners and advanced find you here.


Almost every man does: the magazine GQ interviewed 4,200 men to their adult consumption: proud 87 percent sometimes or regularly watch the erotic.

Therefore: Instead of being about to get excited, you should look an adult together with your loved ones. Choose one at the video store, which is also your preferences, and to surprise him. While the reputation of inspiring presentations, he is guaranteed very quickly forget the actresses and have only have eyes for you!

Anal sex

Sooner or later the question of whether the man (at least once) must come through the back door in space, is in many respects. According to a study conducted by a German TV station in 2008, half of all guys already had the pleasure and the majority of men called anal intercourse in a GQ poll as one of their favourite sex practices.

If you even want to venture into this adventure (according to a 2011 in the “the journal of sexual medicine” study published 46 percent of women have tried it already): do not be afraid, proceed gently – and use lots of lube. The thing still causes pain or simply uncomfortable you feel you should cancel and propose the following by back variation to your loved ones…

Doggy style

More than a quarter of all men preferred the Doggie position in bed. He likes to have control of the movements and to have the woman’s body in all its glory before him. And you too can benefit in this position: tergo in the”a” position of man may wonderfully caress your breasts and clitoris and penetrate particularly deeply into you.

For him, you give that extra kick the doggy style if you touch his penis along the way through your legs through and also manually stimulate him.

Hoppe, hoppe Reiter

The man in sex heaven is his Queen of hearts sexy settles on him and gives him while on her trembling breasts, beautiful views. To give a bit of variety of the ordinary rider position the man sits upright in cross-legged. The woman takes place on his lap, wraps the leg around him and begins to Teeter. To narrow the vagina, the Mr can squeeze the buttocks of the Lady with his hands.

Shut up

40 percent of the participants of a GQ poll indicated that too much talk in bed bugs. Also childlike giggle turns off the guys. Instead, the gentlemen wish you a quiet lady who moans with pleasure or winds from sheer Rapture and captures him.

Tip: If you want to practice talking dirty, do yourself and your sex partner a great favor, terms from the animal world (example: “Yes, do me the Stallion!”) or to avoid baby talk and words to use instead, which are more appropriate to the situation and the two adult parties. For example: “It so makes me on, so hard to feel you inside me!”


In 2011, a European sex study found that 64 percent of German men like to incorporate sex toys in their lovemaking.

Instead of him but now with a giant vibrator before eyes, he has perhaps not even to offer: enjoy rather together with a dildo of pair of or you tie each other occupied velvet handcuffed to the bed-in, you can then almost all of the presented here things of that men in bed wishing to immediately try out.