Sale In Large Sizes: Three Garments That You Must Not Miss

The new inclusive wave of fashion is called plus size or plus size. A phenomenon that seeks to break the mould of an industry obsessed with the “perfect body”.However, what are the real intentions behind this?

Sale In Large Sizes Three Garments That You Must Not Miss

Is it not the marketing product to sell you a new consumer niche? Do you do not validate a little healthy aesthetic canon, as does the same industry with extreme thinness?

Stir caused in mid March the censorship that the NBC and ABC television networks applied to the trade of Lane Bryant, American brand of women’s clothing for sizes that, since the Decade of the 20, has been a pioneer in this niche of consumers left behind by the fashion industry. With the name of #ThisBody, the campaign featured phenomenon icons models plus size lingerie or implied nudity, enunciating phrases as “this body is made to break the mold” or “this body is made to start a revolution”. Channel executives justified their determination to saying that it was “uploaded tone”. Was enough that explanation that in fashion magazines and on social networks broke out the debate: why those same channels – transmitting series and movies with sexual content – put to air a commercial for Victoria’s Secret and not one of Lane Bryant?What is the difference if both show models in underwear? For many, the answer had nothing to do with nudity or the “tone” of the message, but with the likes of size fashion

Since Lane Bryant began with their campaigns, aimed at women who may never get closer to the size zero models, the brand was established as antonym of lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret, known for his “Angels” of stylized bodies. By way of counting, last year Lane Bryant launched campaigns #I’m not angel (I’m not an angel), alluding to the concept of Victoria’s Secret and, months later, #PlusIsEqual (large is equal), marketing strategy that settled the debate over body diversity and inclusion in an industry obsessed with the “perfect body”.

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Another fact: in February of this year, on the cover of the magazine Sports Illustrated, historically occupied by top models in bathing suits, appeared the model Ashley Graham wearing a tiny bikini of triangles. Ashley Graham?American, 28 years old, leads the battalion of the listed models plus size with size 44. It is the first model in its kind which appears in Sports Illustrated, after having appeared in campaigns for H & M, Calvin Klein and Levi’s, and position themselves as Muse of Lane Bryant. Today, in addition to model and businesswoman (has his own clothing line), is an activist body. “I just went free once I realized that would never fit into the narrow mold in which the society wanted to get me. Simply perfect body does not exist”, said in April of 2015 during his TED talk entitled Plus size? More like my size.

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Sales In Large Sizes: Three Garments That You Should Not Miss.

January is not among the favorite months of most of you, because it’s cold, because after Christmas you have to take care of food a little bit, because the cost comes…

We know all the reasons why January does not like too much, but we also think one to convert to the first month of the year you like a lot more: the sales in large sizes of our store.

Maybe you still do not know them, so we thought it would be nice to make a small presentation of clothes FS (Find full meanings of FS, visit, in addition to being of the season, they have an irresistible price!

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Sales In Large Sizes: Three Garments Not To Let Escape

Dresses. Yes, just like that. The dresses are an ideal garment for any occasion and they make us feel very feminine. Let’s face it: we would love to have a closet bottom with plenty of dresses for every occasion, okay? Well, now it is much easier because our large size dresses are 50%.

T-Shirts. Years ago they were a garment associated with the hot months, luckily now it is possible to wear them all year round: in trousers, with leggings, with treggins, with jeggins, in the day to day, to party and, in summary, For any occasion. Sleek and stylish prints, trendy colors…and all the shirts for women in big sizes with a 50% discount!

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Tall and wide cane boots. This year they take the biker type, the designs with zippers and those that combine leather and suede. What style is the one that goes with you the most? It does not matter because you have a good selection of women’s boots of great quality and with prices not to be missed.

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