Popular Destinations in India


Where to relax in India, if not in Goa? This is the most popular beach holiday area among Russian tourists. This state is divided into two zones. In the southern zone, rest is calm and more expensive, in the northern zone – inexpensive, noisy and youthful.

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Goa does not occupy a very large area, but the concentration of beaches here is simply huge. Separately, it is worth considering the beaches of the southern and northern parts of the state.

The beaches of South Goa are almost the same, they are located at hotels and are suitable for a relaxing holiday with children. Separately, it is worth highlighting Varka with its wonderful views, beloved by tourists, Cavelosim, Utorda with soft silky sand and Majorda, a secluded beach in nature with numerous entertainment, bars and restaurants. Agonda is considered a good beach – here you can relax from the hustle and bustle among the dense tropics. Almost in the very south of Goa is Palolem – a beach with a developed infrastructure, but a complete lack of entertainment.

North Goa is more loved by young people who prefer to relax actively and inexpensively. In the very north is Arambol (Kharmal) – a favorite zone of freaks and informals. Calangute and Baga are considered one of the best beaches in Goa – this is where many of our tourists rest. Anjuna is considered a colorful place, which attracts young people from all over the world for the sake of nightlife – while the water and sand here are not so good. Morjim is also popular among Russian tourists – it is not for nothing that the locals unofficially call it “Moscow Beach”.


People go to Goa mainly for a beach holiday, but there are also attractions here. For example, you can visit the capital of the state – the city of Panaji with interesting ancient architecture. The Kotegao Nature Reserve is also interesting – a place far from civilization and inhabited by rare wild animals. Tourists also like to visit the Dudhsagar waterfall. And in North Goa there are a lot of temples and architectural monuments, which you can get out of directly from the resorts.

Also very interesting in Goa are the tiger reserve, the elephant training center and other similar places where you can get closely acquainted with wildlife and animals. For the entertainment of children, there is “Bhaqwan Mahaveer” – an amusement park that adults will also enjoy. Tourists also love Splashdown Water Park.


This is not to say that Goa is suitable for full-fledged shopping. For shopping here, it is better to choose small bazaars and malls, as well as large markets – the night market in Arpora, the day market in Anjuna and the market in Mapusa. They mainly feature items made by local craftsmen and various authentic souvenirs.

In Anjuna, you can shop at a large Oxford Arcade supermarket – they sell mainly food, souvenirs, clothes and goods for children. And in the Benaulim beach area, there is a Shop’N’Save supermarket, which sells everything from souvenirs to clothes.


Delhi is the capital of India, a beautiful and ancient city with a unique Indian flavor, ancient sights and Indian bazaars.


The capital of India is interesting mainly for its sights and an amazing combination of colonial chic, slums, majestic temples and the most modern buildings.

Here you should definitely look at the Red Fort of the Mongols – a real city within the city. Also be sure to pay attention to the Jami Masjid, the largest mosque in India, the Hare Krishna temple of Lakshmi Narayan and the Qutab Minar complex built by the Mongols. And in general, it’s just interesting to walk around the city, imbued with the Indian atmosphere.

If you get bored with sightseeing holidays in India, you can visit India’s main amusement park – Adventure Island with world-class attractions, or Fun’n’Food Village water park


Delhi is a great place for shopping and buying souvenirs. There are a lot of trading platforms here, so we will consider the most popular ones:

  • Main bazaar area with fruit and vegetable stalls and stalls with inexpensive Indian clothing, spices, incense, jewelry and musical instruments. They also sell Ayurvedic remedies and Tibetan blankets. But it’s better not to buy shoes here, as they are not of very high quality at the Main bazaar;
  • Nehru bazaar next to Main bazaar selling teas, sweets, fruits and incense. There are also many jewelry stores and shops with cheap Indian consumer goods. However, quality goods can also be found;
  • Palika bazaar is an ordinary Indian market. But in the summer in the daytime it is very cool here, which makes shopping more comfortable;
  • Khadi is a shop on Konnaut, a two-story European building. On the first floor they sell food and cosmetics, and on the second floor they sell high-quality clothes;
  • Chandi Chouk is a large shopping complex from the streets next to the Red Fort. Each street is responsible for its product – on one they sell wooden products, on the other silver, etc.;
  • South Extension – a shopping complex with the best clothes and shoes at very reasonable prices;
  • Yashvant Place is a shopping center with inexpensive leather goods, medicines and jewelry. Sellers here speak Russian;
  • Sarojini Market is a shop for hiking enthusiasts with affordable prices.