Plus the Points! Neatly Dressed in Size 44 and up

It is not difficult to style itself if one is a size 48, compared to a size 38. However, the range is poor. But there are crazy stylish clothes in plus size. The most important thing is to find clothes in the right size. Drop sideboards and dare to wear trendy outfits, but become a size off the list; not too small and not too large.

Best in test: Trendy and affordable clothing can be found at our site. Their own brand our site Curve makes clothes in sizes 46-56.

We took a snack with Linda Törnfeldt , who runs the popular plus size blog She is 34 years old and digital public relations consultant.

Is there really any difference in that dress if the size 44 and up than if you are a 36: (a)? Is not all about finding clothes in the right size?
Yes, exactly. Countless times I’ve stood in a store and thought to it and that the garment had been really good to me – if it only existed in the right size. Everyone has things they want to emphasize more or less, but it is not always linked to a larger size. I like for example do not open back on myself but loves a snortajt pencil skirt. It doesn’t have to do with size, it is a stilfråga. Just because you pass the size 44 so you won’t automatically lose all sense of style and only want tunics and tights. All the clothes in all sizes, it is the dream.

Where do you buy your clothes? Store or online?
– Mainly through British and American online stores. our site Curve is a big favorite, but I also shop at Boohoo and Forever21 in Sweden do I shop a lot on Ellos, they make all the clothes (largely) in all sizes and it should have cred for! Monki is one of very few stores I shop in, they have a lot of oversize and stretchy fabrics, so even if the sizes are “normal”, so there is a part that works. I wish I could be more Swedish brands but they are unfortunately too small.

How are you to media/society’s attitude/attitude to plus-size women might be?
– In a perfect, there would be something called “plus size”. Then all clothing available in all sizes and all the people and bodies would be equal. Now it feels a bit like plus size trouser is something you pick cheap PR score, but not back up in its corporate values, communication and in its range. In the United States is plus size bloggers and brands more as a concept and I hope that Sweden will take after. And for God’s sake, stop dragging the generalized correlation that fat equals poor health.

What are your best styling tips?
– To become comfortable with his body. It is the number one if you should dare to show up. Klyschigt, but true. Look at the women who look like you and get inspired by them. Plus size bloggers on Facebook has been a great thing for my self esteem. More practical tips: Shapingunderkläder – they make during for posture and to “even out” the body. Do you have a clear waist, mark it! And don’t be afraid of tight clothes, it’s so much nicer than the tent. And work that attitude!