Plus Size Trends Of Bon Prix-One.

As some of you may have noticed on Twitter or Instagramm 15 bloggers at Bon Prix to “plus size design camp” were invited to Hamburg last weekend. For me, it was the first major blog event of its kind, the entire weekend not only a great opportunity closer to get a German fashion company, but a bit of class ride from the school for girls, was just wonderful. Most of all sweetheart would I tell you about the 2 days down to the last detail and every photo to show you, but that would be beyond the scope of your time not only my but you. Tatscählich I think that’s not only the first official event for me, but generally the first major event for plus size bloggers in Germany was, if you like that think, that is to both incredibly great that I was and so slow to understand the fashion industry seems that something in the range of plus size fashion needs to be done, but it is also incredibly sad , which only now is the case…

I’m overwhelmed even by the whole impressions and emotions, so many new and wonderful people, so much pampering and all with only 4 hours of sleep. On Friday afternoon, Amélie and I are driven towards Hamburg, quickly collected theMIA at the train station and zack after 3 hours we have arrived in “The George”.The 4-star hotel, whose personal needs if it is definitely still the one or the other service training…

The hotel was purely optically totally my thing, really stylish and wonderfully English, unfortunately some of the staff not to the atmosphere, and not like someone of you think that he ever could afford private as a hotel fit but if I’m 4 star hotel in one, I want to be treated like.

Since we were starting at 3:00 in the hotel, we have used the time to meet us us and then directly within about 5 minutes in the “We’re all best friends” mode to expire. No, that’s a bit exaggerated, but I have to say that’s so ago seemed at most, as if I knew them forever, right at the beginning I dropped by Jenny that make hair and for photos of Steffi almost all cases, and although it only three sets has spoken to each other face to face. That doesn’t change the fact that we all were super familiar with each other and I felt right at home but now times.
After we had launched the other Jenny in the lobby on the birthday, it went very, very delicious 4-course abendy in “The Cox” to a menu.

The evening was very tasty and really cozy, there was a bit too much white wine for me, and lots of desserts. Because we sat at long tables, we could talk only with our Sitztnachbar, even if the conversation with Sabina, Jenny, Amélie, Jenny and Charlotte were great, I found it a little bit a pity that evening entertainment was not a little free to simply bring more people into the conversation.
Despite the great menus, what the highlight of the evening actually the mitternächliche sauna session and visit the roof terrace in a bathrobe, and that at minus degrees. Then, there was still a little midnight party like Hanni & Nanni in my room, with cubes of cheese and a bottle of sparkling wine. When I finally always still very psyched fell around 2:00 in the bed, not the eyes fell to just me, even though I knew that my alarm would ring in 4 hours…

After we had breakfast at 7: 00 and are concocted at 8 .00 pm Studios, was in the breeze where the actually held workshop should take. Here, again, we encountered the crew of BonPrix as Brigitte and Anne, and other incredible nice and sweet people. On the previous evening, at dinner in the Cox was that we really welcome had been recorded employees in Hamburg from all BonPrix, and everyone did his best to each of us to put a smile on the face to become clear.

Even if we already knew that on Saturday not only a workshop, but also a shoot instead should take, I was actually really flabbergasted when I came across this large, white, brightly-lit Photo Studio and fashion shoes line does not affect us waited. There, three clothes rails hung full with clothes and it was built on a large and colourful craft area.
Of course was also designed in tasty meals and as absolute sugar Crown an incredible love and super talented Make-Up artist awaited us.

As you can see an exciting Saturday, waiting for us more photos of them and then hopefully all images the BonPrix we shot there later this week. And if you want more pictures, emotions, and hard-hitting facts, 14 girls look in any case for the others!

I just showed some pictures from my very first plus size blogger event in Germany, I think it might have been the very first official event for bloggers plus size at all in Germany, which is as awesome at it is sad at the same time. BonPrix invited 15 bloggers for a stay in Hamburg, we had some fun time together but of so did some serious work, which included a workshop and to amazing fotoshoot. More will follow this week picture.