Plus-Size Musicians And Why We Love Them

Here come the hottest plus-size women of the music industry

Music is a way to express your emotions and yourself. Well-written songs can awaken emotions in us and motivate us to act. Music connects the whole world and shows us that talent is more important than the appearance. Here come our dearest curvy singer.

Aretha Franklin, 74

Why we love her

She is truly the “Queen of Soul” with probably one of the most unique voices in the history of music. Her career has lasted an incredible six decades, in which Aretha has won 18 Grammys and has sold more than 75 million records worldwide. In 1987 she became the first female artist to be recorded in the “Rock n ‘Roll Hall of Fame”. Hats off!

Anna Naklab, 22

Why we love her

This honorary navabista has just made a name for itself in the music industry. She is known for her extraordinary Coversongs “Supergirl” and “Wicked Games” by Reamonn and Chris Issak.

Beth Ditto, 35

Why we love her

The wild, fearless ex-singer of the band Gossip has many faces. In addition to singing, she has also written a few books, has recently been a designer and is running as a model over the catwalk. Recently, she was all surprised at the New York Fashion Week, where Beth Ditto ran for Marc Jacobs’ spring / summer collection 2016.

Adele, 27

Why we love her

Although we mentioned it in our article ” Plus-Size-Stars in Hollywood “, we could of course write no post about musicians and the main singer does not take into account. Adele exceeds the music and the film industry. After having already 10 Grammy’s, a Golden Globe and an Oscar in her pocket, the successful singer seems to have no end in sight.

Amel Bent, 30

Why we love her

She became famous for her participation in the French television series “Nouvelle Star”. Their debut album,Un Jour d’été, was one of the charts for more than six weeks and their Single Ma philosophy has sold over 500,000 times.

Elle King, 26

Why we love her

With a hit in her pocket and two Grammy nominations for her song Ex’s & Oh’s , singer Elle King is on the way to becoming a big one. Having grown up as a daughter of a famous father (Comedian Rob Schneider), she has decided to build up her own career and adopt her mother’s maiden name.

Mary Lambert, 26

Why we love her

The Seattle-based singer, songwriter and wordakrobatin was known for her contribution to the song Same Love  by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.We love them for their honest texts and their social commitment (as for the rights of homosexuals).

Brittany Howard, 27

Why we love her

If you do not know the soulful, emotional voice of Brittany Howard, singer of Alabama Shakes yet, do yourself a favor and listen to it now (of course, after reading this article ;-)). We love them because Brittany is a refreshing tribute to the powerful voices of the past in the age of automated and overproduced music.Soon you can find a complete article about them on our blog.

Kelly Clarkson, 33

Why we love her

After winning the first season of American Idol in 2002, Clarkson quickly went through the ceiling. Many thought that like most Castingshow participants they would soon disappear again. But as before, she is fat in business.

Clarkson does not take a fancy to his mouth when she has a TV show. She asks what she thinks of “Fat Shamers”, “You should answer f *****!”.

Meghan Trainor, 22

Why we love her

It is considered the voice in the music business, which pleads for loving its body. Last year, Meghan Trainor created a very good platform. It all started with her debut hit All About That Bass . In this song, she proclaims loudly: “Every inch of you, from top to top, is perfect!”