Plus-Size Model Writes A Letter to A younger Self-with A Touching Message

Dana Patterson was dissatisfied with her appearance as a child-she weighed too much, had problems with her appearance and no self-esteem.  Via Instagram, today’s plus size model has written a touching letter to her former self. They are words that she would have liked to hear then…

#DearYoungerMe:”Your weight does not define you”

She writes the following words:

“Dear younger person, I wish I could have told you these things: You are beautiful, as God created you, only because you are not blonde, blue-eyed and thin like a bean rod does not mean that you are less are worth.

You will be very grateful for your eyebrows. You will love your hair, which will make people call you Hagrid. You will love your full lips and your olive skin with peach fluff. These thighs you now hate will carry you through three Junior Olympics. Crazy, right?!

Your weight does not define you. Your look does not define you. Do not listen to people who claim the opposite. The people who harass you will sharpen your humor-and you will make lots of people laugh. Do not take the sayings too much to heart. Do not let people shine your shine.

The time now is hard, but it gets better. You will grow up and realize that you are the example you needed. You will get to know so many great people during your journey. Stay crazy and stay creative. You are loved. You are unique and maybe a bit slanted, that makes you beautiful.

I wanted to create this #dearyoungerme hashtag so that someone who needs help can read those things I would have liked to know when I was younger. And it’s really great to define unrealistic standards.”

We find: We could not have formulated it better. Chapeau before so much courage and honesty to himself. And before that, to be so with himself and his body in the pure. But see for yourself: