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Danish plus size model hitter in New York: there is so much that is more important than being thin

Camilla Hansen

Her pictures hanging on the giant billboards in New York, but at home, there are not yet many who know the Danish plus size-top model Camilla Hansen

Camilla Hansen is a perfectly normal and unusual sex girl from Prince George with a butt that was too big for the Danish fashion industry. Therefore raised the now 26-year-old Danish top model for plus size clothing to New York six years ago – after she had tried in vain to get a career up and running as a regular model. The problem was that she with a size 38 at the top and a size 42 below, was too big for the regular fashion industry, and no matter how much dieting, she was on, it was never enough. So when an American agent said that she could have a career as a plus size model, she beat to.

Danish plus size model

-My Danish Agency was not happy with it, but I just thought: I come to New York, and I can start eating again. It tells Camilla Hansen.

A victory

She was 20 years old when she moved to New York, and over the past six years, the Danish girl adorned posters and billboards in the American metropolis.

-The first time I had a billboard in Manhattan, I rushed there to see it. It was so awesome. I got completely goose bumps. It felt like a great victory. Finally, I was personally also reached a point where I had it so good with my body that I looked at it and thought: There is little dor, a pair of big tits and so what? It doesn’t matter! It looks damn good, says Camilla Hansen.

Will not lose weight

Who has gone 11 years ago, Camilla Hansen started as a model, and a lot has changed for the 26-year-old girl – also inside.

plus size-top model

-It’s dawned on me that there is so much that is more important than being thin, beautiful, come on the chic nightclubs and dating the right guys. When I was 16 years and had been in New York, I was once home to Bramming (her hometown, ed.) and thought I was a little too good at it all. So said my mother: “Whoa … it was not the girl I sent. It is no good to you must be on the way. We cannot live with… “and she was right, says Camilla Hansen.

This year, Camilla Hansen decided to move back to Denmark because she’d like to be closer to his family. Earlier this year, she was married to her American boyfriend, Nick, and now have the couple found an apartment on the island of Amager. It also means that Camilla Hansen is in the process of finding a Danish modeling agency that can represent her. But she is far from sure that it can be done. Even if you are a top model in the United States.

plus size clothing

-Really, I would rather find an agency than a classical modeling agency. I would like to be a place where I can be allowed to be myself, she says.

And she will not be represented by a Danish Agency for any price. If they for example says to her that she needs to lose weight, the answer is no.

-Under no circumstances. At the age of 15, I was young and insecure. I am no more. If Uffe Buchard and the rest of the Danish fashion industry seems to be size 34 in order to work as a model in Denmark, you must whilst it. But I am not built, and honestly – it is the fewest women. And today it means nothing to me. I know very well what I am worth, says Camilla Hansen.

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