Plus-Size Bride:”Accept Yourself, No Matter What Size!”

In addition to the perfect pictures of a dream wedding, the associated post on Instagram of the British blogger and Plus-Size columnist Callie Thorpe goes under the skin and proves once again that you should not go after a certain ideal.  Thorpe marries her husband in London at the beginning of August. However, she would never have thought of it in many phases of her life.

Why? She explains this in a touching post, which is concerned with self-esteem and self-esteem. There she says,”Do not depend on a certain size. Those who love you do not care how fat or thin you are and what size you wear.” After all, the figurative problem knows almost all brides and try to force themselves into a certain size before the big day. Thorpe sees it all relaxed:”I never dreamed I’d wear such a dress, and I’d marry before I’m thin, but my husband Dan loves me, no matter what dress size I wear.”
This is the tip she gives to all brides, whether overweight or not:”Your partner loves you for being the way you are and not for what you look like. With love for each other, you will shine on your wedding day and all”Everyone deserves a happy ending, you just have to allow it yourself.”

With these magical photos and a touching statement, the Londoner hopes that other women will feel attracted to them and will be self-assured and self-assured on their big day-irrespective of a size 36 or 48.