Pirelli Calendar 2016 – Power Women Instead Of Supermodels

The 2016er Pirelli Calendar was presented on Monday in London. He again shows women every month and yet, everything is completely different than in all previous calendars in this 43rd Edition. This issue was created by the famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz and shows thirteen very personal portraits of very different women. The Pirelli Calendar has gained its cult status with racy photos of scantily clad or naked women who came from the ranks of the most famous international models. 2016 will be different now, the photographed women are – warning! -clothed.

The Pirelli Calendar Shows Strong, Natural Women

Also they appear exactly as they are. With rolls, with muscles, wrinkles and gray hair.And it’s women who have done something. By what they do, they shape the world today and help to change society. These include power women like:

  • the artist and musician Yoko Ono,
  • Singer and activist Patti Smith,
  • Blogger Tavi Gevinson (founder of rookie style).
  • Tennis superstar Serena Williams,
  • First Chinese UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Yao Chen (with over 77 million fans at Weibo, the Chinese Facebook), and actress
  • Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel investments, which supports charitable projects, as well as
  • the American actress and Stand-Up Comedienne Amy Schumer.

Pirelli pays this calendar of the changing importance of female power recognition. Stresses the variety of female roles, beauty and services, because their strengths in the spotlight moved not just their seductive sexuality. What it means to be a woman is defined – too long here stereotypes served.

The first images from the Pirelli Calendar are now published and we find them beautiful. The black and white shots were recorded in the Studio. They move away from the pin-up style of the previous calendar and focus more on the women so how they actually are.