Paraguay Political System

According to, with capital city of Asuncion, Paraguay is a country located in South America with total population of 7,132,549.

Where is Paraguay

Under the 1992 Constitution, Paraguay has a presidential and unified state system. The president is elected in the general election for five years with a vice president, without the possibility of re-election. The president appoints the members of the government, participates in the drafting of bills and can veto legislative decisions. He is also military commander. Legislative authority has been added to the National Congress, consisting of two chambers, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The first has 80 members, the second 45; all elected in the general election for five years. The policy has been characterized by the Colorado Party (the National Republican Party) since 1940. The dictator Alfredo Stroessner took power in a coup in 1954 and was himself deposed in a coup in 1989. The transition to individual periods for presidents reflects the experience of Stroessner. The president’s power is still considerable. The influence of the military is also still of some importance. After the fall of the dictatorship, the position of the Colorado party has weakened somewhat.

Administrative division

The country is divided into 17 ministries and the metropolitan area, each governed by directly elected councils and governors, and further into municipalities.


The judiciary is headed by a nine-member Supreme Court. The judges are appointed by a magistrate council. For the courts to play a constitutionally balancing role, the Supreme Court has the right to declare legislation unconstitutional. The legislation is based on Argentine and French examples. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER for how PY can stand for Paraguay.

Paraguay’s international relations

Paraguay is a member of the UN and other international organizations such as the World Bank, the Verda Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. Of international organizations working for American special interests, Paraguay has membership in between the Other Organization of American States and Mercosur.

The country’s foreign policy has largely been aimed at maintaining good contact with neighboring countries Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia over the last decade. Since 2013, however, the country’s President Horacio Cartes has worked for Paraguay to gain a stronger presence in the international political and economic arena.

Paraguay has a small but rapidly growing economy and has an increased degree of financial contact with the outside world. The United States is the largest foreign investor in Paraguay. In recent years, Paraguay and the United States have also formed closer ties in a joint fight against drugs and human trafficking.

There are few bilateral political and trade relations between Norway and Paraguay. Paraguay is represented in Norway through its embassy in Sweden, while Norway is represented in Paraguay through its embassy in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Consulate General in AsunciĆ³n.

Paraguay’s defense

Paraguay has military service with first-time service of 12 months. Paraguay participates in UN peacekeeping operations. The total force figures for Paraguay’s armed forces are 11,900 active personnel, with a reserve of 164,500 personnel (2018, IISS). In addition, the country has 14,800 semi-military special police forces, including 4,000 conscripts.


The army has a strength of 7400 active personnel. Materials include 28 light trucks, twelve armored personnel vehicles and three self-propelled air defense artillery. In addition, the army has light artillery and air defense artillery.

Air Force

The Air Force has a strength of 1800 active personnel. Material includes 18 light transport aircraft, 21 training aircraft (six of which are EMB-312 Tucano, which can also be used as light attack aircraft), and nine helicopters.

The Navy

The Navy has a force of 2,700 active personnel, including 700 Marines. The fleet comprises 20 patrol vessels and three landings. In addition, the Navy has an air component with six light transport aircraft and two helicopters.

International operations

Paraguay participated in 2018 with observers and a small number of personnel in UN operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO), in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), in Cyprus (UNFICYP), and in South Sudan (UNMISS).