The New Year – And Only An Attachment

The new year has been welcomed with colorful fireworks, gunpowder smell and cheering. It was a special year, which was also filled with joy and tension – the events of Paris are still present. 2016 now lies before us like a white sheet of paper and waiting now to be filled. Encounters, experiences, highs and lows, experiences and • Read More »

5 Skin Care Habits That Do Your Skin Really Well

Desire in your skin care on a refresher? The most resolutions for the new year are doomed to failure. If we want to reduce the amount of sugar we eat, or want to have more time for us, we tend to our intentions to formulate either too ambitious or too vague. How about a few specific ideas for • Read More »

The Looks – Celebrate Yourself

Great true love? A man, with which you’re going to spend the rest of your life? Shall I tell you what? We all have already found these people, because, and since its now really nothing can say against, you spend the rest of your life you definitely with yourselves. Meets this knowledge but perfectly with the fact that • Read More »

Stand Up – A Raffle To Women * Fight Day

Today was women* fight day. And actually, that wanted to write here already this morning, but then life intervened, and to talk about feminism, it’s never too late.(Update: I thought all Saturday long, that already the 8.März, so is the women * fight day, indeed, was that not so, yesterday was only the 7.März, but even that • Read More »

The Looks-High Wasted Hopes

Sometimes one must separate themselves from things. For example from pants legs or a reasonably secure future. The former was more of a spontaneous decision that Friday afternoon I think me again about it, annoyed that these pants sucks up virtually in the Middle as I sat down again well, and so I Snip snap, simply cut • Read More »

The Looks-Pastel Hoe

I actually had this outfit has long been in the box, but still not verbloggt, but then came this beautiful spring day, when I went Lukas and my intern Anni in the park with our photo editor, because we had to make a few pictures for the work. I could not help me to wonder if • Read More »

The Looks-Fat Babe

This striped dress is pure love. Not because it’s beautiful, but because it was donated to me with lots of love. So in the fun, I had thrown that long an eye on this dress that Amélie was, I know their preference for a fully-stocked wardrobe, and have always said: “Amélie, if you even want to get rid of • Read More »

Fat Acceptance-What Are You Actually 2.0

I wrote some time ago about why fat acceptance is important. In recent days, Tweets in my timeline were washed more who deal with the subject of why or why not fat acceptance is worthy or not. What this once again stood in the foreground, was the health argument. Whether dick_fett his now healthy or unhealthy, whether there • Read More »

How To Enjoy Summer As A Fat Girl

There is English version down below! I know that this doesn’t only apply to fat girls, but as this is a blog from a fat girl and all of this is based on my experience, I feel that title is appropriated. Yes, I know it applies not only to fat girl, but because this is a blog • Read More »

The Looks-Big Changes & Big News

Where is he, the summer? Kinda off, but I leave with the summer wardrobe still did not spoil and wanted to show unto you my new favorite dress, that I’ve got in the ASOS sale. Really all that my color is orange, but in small details and a lipstick I’ve befriended me now so.

The Looks-Beachbabe

Finally, finally, finally! Sea, Sun, and I was able to inaugurate before the summer of end of but still really my bikini. But before we jump into the water together, I gotta pick you first, because we are stopped in the last post somehow somewhere in Germany. As you can follow on Gin & Apple’s, I am now arrived • Read More »

Anna Scholz For Sheego X Lu Zieht An|Blue Feathers

I’ve teamed up again with sheego for another series around the latest and current Anna Scholz for sheego collection. You can already find all pieces online and I’ll show you my three favorites of it on a monthly basis.


We already had a few warm days here in Hamburg and yet I am here sitting in front of my computer with a cold while writing this post. The cold caught me by surprise on the weekend, I spent most of the time in bed or watching TV on the couch, trying to get healthy • Read More »


I promised you to style a real outfit with the shirt. Here it is! And it’s been one of your absolute favorites on → Instagram.That’s why I’m very happy to show you even more pictures of the look.


I found these amazing Celine boots at TK Maxx for only € 191 – they originally cost around € 1200! Isn’t this crazy? I still can’t understand why they landed at TK Maxx or why they were that much cheaper, but since I actually fell in love with the design before I saw the brand • Read More »

From Day to Night with Forever 21

I’ve already shown my latest shopping haul on → Instagram – these amazing jeans from Forever 21 Plus. Thanks to our current cooperation, I finally gave their jeans a shot and it was a very positive surprise! These pants fit like a glove (even though I recommend taking them a size up maybe – I • Read More »

Denim Culottes

It’s time for a new culotte on the blog – the denim version! At the Zizzi blogger event in Berlin, we were allowed to pick a few favorites from current and (near future) coming collections – these pants caught my attention instantly and I was lucky to get the only ones in my size. I • Read More »

Curvy Fall/Winter 2016

I already wrote about → my visit to the Curvy® plus-size fair, today I’ve got my outfit for you. I went for a special but casual look – instead of wearing black (which is the most-seen color at such events), I wanted to show some color (remember my resolutions for 2016? Take this as an • Read More »

Oh Boy!

Here we are, back again with a boyish look. After my androgynous cape style, here’s another mixed style – but this time I’m making a long dress look more masculine with a tie and a small hat. It’s something very different, even more different than my look with the cape, since a tie is something • Read More »

AHS: Coven Meets Scream Queens

I’m a huge “American Horror Story” fan – currently watching season 5 (“Hotel” – and Lady Gaga really deserved that Golden Globe for her role as “The Countess”!) and I love it! My favorite season is “Freak Show” and I’m probably the biggest fan of Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars. These days I was actually • Read More »