Styling Tips for XXL Women

Styling Tips For XXL Women So, You Make The Best Out Of Your Current Character! Not focus on the character that you want to like to have or that you once had when styling. We live in the here and now. If you dress size 52 now, you want to look now so good.

How to Dress Well for Overweight

If you are part of the army of women and who have trouble showing its physicality surely know how hard it can be to find the right clothing, what becomes cream bombs but that helps to showcase hidden potential.

Finally: Cool Long Fit Styles In Larger Sizes!

I like shirts and cardigans in the long fit very, I’ve mentioned already in the one or the other post… They were so far but only things, where I was lucky, just as fit mainly because they are oversized cut.

Special Coats: Which Ones Will Be Worn This Fall?

Soon the autumn-winter season begins, and with it the arrival of the coats for chubby. As every year, trends appear before clothing and that is why we talk about some of the main trends that you will like to know.

White Pants for Gorditas

It white pants is a garment worn by women in the time of summer and spring. However many times we read and hear that gorditas women for or have a few extra pounds is not recommended wear this color white, he says and indeed has a visual effect which tends to enlarge.

Sale In Large Sizes: Three Garments That You Must Not Miss

The new inclusive wave of fashion is called plus size or plus size. A phenomenon that seeks to break the mould of an industry obsessed with the “perfect body”.However, what are the real intentions behind this? Is it not the marketing product to sell you a new consumer niche? Do you do not validate a little healthy • Read More »

Fitness Clothing for Gorditas

Jogging, going to the gym, practicing yoga or any other physical activity involves carrying sunsets a sportswear that nowadays there are many models that allow us to look Regal while we carry out our routine.

Plus Size Style Ideas

Today I am pleased you plus-size ‘Outfit of the Day’ to my show. After all, what’s better than soft flowing tops with bat sleeves? For us plus-size women the best invention since the Tunica, when it comes to styling in large sizes! Why?

Long Dresses For Chubby

Long dresses for chubby: many times we don’t have to get by the fact of being somewhat fatter, since in many stores there plus size, Petite only, which is very sad.

Vintage XXL Dress

Sexy corsets, waisted dresses with wide skirts, petticoats, polka dots, eyeliner, red lips – are all the tags, the style one in the 50s so invade.

Like Phoenix From The Ashes

Just as the firefowl is new in the mythology, so also our customer Janina feels after her before-after-shooting “as someone quite different”. And that was exactly what she wanted us to wear, not only in her heart, but also as a tattoo on her right shoulder-a beautiful phoenix: she wanted to find herself again.

Our Qa

Asmaa Sighaoui and Maren Jakobs of the quality assurance are our navabistas “for the unified”. They thoroughly check every item that arrives at the goods receipt. If an article does not meet its quality check, or if it does not agree with the buyers’ order, it goes back to the supplier. Our QS would literally want • Read More »

5 Outfits For The 5 Figurine Types

To offer modern, elegant clothes for plus-size women, this is the mission of Manon Baptiste. The designers, with a wealth of expertise from 6 years of experience in the big-size area, create all-year clothes, tops, pants, skirts and knitwear for every figure. But how can you combine these with each other? We present 5 outfits for the 5 figure shapes. Now find the • Read More »

6 New Brands At One Stroke

Six new brands will expand our portfolio of premium-plus-size labels in autumn/winter 16/17. Six exclusive design brands, which you can only find at navabi. Discover our new additions.

“I Want To Fly!”

That was Michael’s wish for us. She did not want to hide behind Black, but to herself. Life, in the here and now. Can say: “Here I am. That’s me, look at me and it’s ok as I am. ” At our third navabi Umstyling, it was very much about the “no more-hiding-willing” to self-acceptance and self-love. This feeling can • Read More »

How Your Butt Looks Smaller

In our Figurberatungs-Kategorie you get practical tricks & tips on how to present your figure stylishly. A little expert knowledge and a clever styling can do wonders when it comes to staging your figure. An A-figure with a round bottom is something you should love and should not be disturbing. We will show you tips for the • Read More »

The Mid-Season Look

As the temperatures climb slowly, we will show you how to put together your perfect “wait-in-the-spring-outfit” with a few styling tips and a selection of our best new designs. 

How Your Stomach Looks Flat

In our Figurberatungs-Kategorie you get practical tricks & tips on how to present your figure stylishly. A little expert knowledge and a clever styling can do wonders when it comes to staging your figure.

Mysteriously Shapewear

We are witnessing a glamorous return of shapewear. Lovers of Hollywood actresses as well as us, their days are counted as a shameful secret. Shapewear now helps women to look back on a decade: in a discreet way, they give their wearers a sleek and perfectly shaped silhouette-without the need for drastic diets, countless kilometers on • Read More »

Best Of Blogger

Navabis “Social Content Executive” (and, of course, Plus Size Blogger) Bethany has looked around the blogosphere and selected her highlights of the month. The most important thing first: We would like to wish the dear Danie Vanier a  good improvement and send her many greetings to the hospital. It’s nice to see how many bloggers and readers send • Read More »