7 Things That Let Us Know Plus-Size Women

Sarah Conley, Margie Ashcroft, Kristina Uriegas-Reyes and Kelly Augustine: four Americans, all of whom have something in common. They are bloggers of passion and all have more than a few pounds on the ribs. Nevertheless, they do not want to be pushed into a corner.  Because in the past, they were repeatedly confronted with common prejudices. Whether you are • Read More »

Why Can Not the Plus-Size Commercial with Ashley Graham Run on the TV?

Four sexy women posing slightly clad in a commercial-so far, so uncommon. But the four women are the plus-size models Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, and Georgia Pratt.  And the spot? He can not do it on TV! No joke: Even though nowadays in dozens of commercials half-naked women are normal, these models, which radiate a positive body image • Read More »

Plus-Size Bride:”Accept Yourself, No Matter What Size!”

In addition to the perfect pictures of a dream wedding, the associated post on Instagram of the British blogger and Plus-Size columnist Callie Thorpe goes under the skin and proves once again that you should not go after a certain ideal.  Thorpe marries her husband in London at the beginning of August. However, she would never have • Read More »

Plus-Size Model Writes A Letter to A younger Self-with A Touching Message

Dana Patterson was dissatisfied with her appearance as a child-she weighed too much, had problems with her appearance and no self-esteem.  Via Instagram, today’s plus size model has written a touching letter to her former self. They are words that she would have liked to hear then…

Cloned and Plundered: The Ugly Shoes from Dries Van Noten, Cloned!

The ugly shoes are that this summer petan it. The pioneers were the Birkenstock although soon joined to truck firms such as Isabel Marant and Celine, who looked in ugly shoes a great pull. From there to the runways, there is only a step and gateways to the clones of the chains low cost just • Read More »

Beauty Tip of The Week: Your Back to Work More Beauty

The days of rest and pleasure come to an end, and with them the moment pamper our skin with the best beauty tips without losing sight of the next news lurking. All completed with the more practical tricks and some other surprise is not without controversy. Do you dare to discover the best tips of • Read More »

Trends in Lingerie This Christmas: Looks Black at All Times

The fashion in lingerie It is essential to be able to properly wear our garments. You like to know what? intimate set can choose at any time? The Black It is the most classic, Yes, but that never fails unless you go dressed in white.

The Best of The Week April 26-May 2

This week in which we opened the month of may, bloggers are protagonists, Thanks to the days of fashion Blogs that many followers you have a fashion blog you could go and thanks also to the bloggers from plus size, showing without any complexes, that it can be dressed well whatever your size. They have • Read More »

The Best of The Week June 23/29

The calendar of the last seven days is undoubtedly marked by kick off of the Man Spring/Summer 2009 Milan fashion week, which it started on Monday, and closed on Friday (remember dimensioned calendar marked it in their day Anna Wintour).

12 Looks “Curvy” Full of Glamour to Look These Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, we must start thinking about the looks that we are going to look. In many cases, it is difficult to find party for plus size clothes, but increasingly there are more brands with ideal collections for women with curves. At the time of purchase, let yourself be guided by models • Read More »

Tricks of Style and Shopping of The Curvy Girls

If you have a size 36 and are high, it seems easy to dress. Models almost all them feel well (why are models and are dedicated to show off clothes). The thing is complicated if your body is not perfect. Little by little you learn what suits you and what not. I found an article • Read More »

The Controversy of ‘Giving Note 3’ T-Shirts: Should They Be All The Protagonists Take The Same Clothes, Be Which Be His Body?

Fans of giving the note await expectantly the premiere of the third party, whose shooting began last January. Luckily, the protagonists of the film are being very active on Instagram, and all we are having a window of luxury from which glimpse of some details of the shooting. Rebel Wilson, one of the favorite actresses • Read More »

Plus Size Outfit

A little it took for the next plus size outfit – here much stress is at the moment and my “author” has final exams next week (wish him luck!), so that’s time little mau for shoots looks. But end of next week we continue hopefully with many looks – and I have something very special • Read More »

H & M: Extended Sizes

Did you know that it online at H & M now so-called “extended sizes”-so extended sizes are available? I heard that recently also just randomly… If I have understood this correctly, there are the parts of the collection but also really only online, in the stores.

Underwear for Gorditas

Are of large size?, then you know how difficult that is to find underwear that it is you and highlight your attributes. Not to mention that in lingerie garments it is even harder to find.

Wedding Dress in Big Sizes

For every woman and every figure there is the perfect wedding dress, in which you look beautiful. It is important that you consult with a specialist. She certainly knows what you stand for. Try out different cuts and find out which dress style you feel most comfortable about.

Fat Pants

Yes, I know that you can hit the title of fat pants, but everything has an explanation. OS story why I avoided so much time to get this type of comfortable clothes, but that I always considered fat. During my life I have always been fat. You know it. But there was a time between 12 and 15 • Read More »

The 5 Plus Size Models

In an era in which girls as Lena Dunham and Melissa McCartney have taken Hollywood by horns, fashion is also prepared for a change with a generation of women ready to demonstrate that size 0 is not the only one.

Fashion Tips for Fat

Do Not Hide Your Body, What Matters Is Security In Yourself To enjoy fashion, you don’t have to be in the smaller size, or buy boring and dark clothes, or can not see you or and feel good with wearing them, here we will show you the fashion tips that will make you see as • Read More »