Ootd Lilac Fairy Tale

The Sun is here! Already two days at a time and I feel directly super bombastic creative and motivated and just much, week much better than the whole last. At the beginning of the year I made a tulle skirt me, is actually more like it well together somehow tinkered. Since the fashion industry Yes not in a position to do so is to treat even a single fluffy, pastel tulle skirt thick women, I just brought out the Nähmaschiene after eternal whining about it and applied himself. Indeed, the rock is only from a narrow, Black Jersey skirt from H & M (this for €5) and which are left few meters tulle from my Bache Nuel suffering. I have cut railways from the tulle, that were as wide as I wanted to have the length of the skirt and was well as long as just the fabric, and pinned him in wrinkle on the Black Jersey skirt firmly sewn with some tension. The big problem is just, that is brought by sewing the slip on a fixed size and is of course not properly stretch. So I have sewn stacked several layers of purple tulle and later another layer of the firmer mintfarbigen tulle under the down sewn. At the cuffs, I have taken a very stretchy fabric, which is virtually closed as a big band or a Loopschal and this sewn to the upper edge. Finish.What’s that I’m not a professional, but I think that there are online determined yet more tutorials that can help you better.

The sun is finally out for two days in a row, and I start to feel a lot better, more motivated and creative again. In January I decided to give sewing my own tulle skirt a try, as the fashion industry is not able to provide a nice, fluffy and pastel tulle dream to us fat girls. I took a tube skirt from H&M and sewed panels of tulle on it. The only really problem was that after sewing the tube skirt isn’t that stretchy anymore so you need to sew the tulle on while giving a bit of tension to the underskirt. I am not a pro, but I’m guessing that you’ll find tutorials online that can give you a better advice on this.

Meine Haare habe ich vor kurzem auch wieder gefärbt, aber mal wieder kann meine Kamera die Farbe gar nicht so richtig einfangen, eigentlich sind die Spitzen eher in einem dunklem Lila und nicht so pinklich, sie passen jeden Falls super zur Farbe des Rocks. Den Blumenkranz fand ich sehr passen und alle in allem wäre das hier ja schon fast das perfekte Outfit für das März Thema bei der Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge, aber dafür werde ich mich dann noch mal etwas neues ausdenken.

As you can see I colored my hair again, but my cam doesn’t capture the color of it, it is more of a bright full on purple, not that reddish, fitting perfect with the color of my skirt.The crown looks really like and actually spring this would be a nice outfit for the march topic of the Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge, but I will be doing another spring look for that challenge.

Enjoy the first day of spring and we keep our fingers crossed I hope all very doll that the weather holds a little bit so that we can catch finally pastels and flowers and lots of frosting colors out of the closet!

Keep your fingers crossed that the sun will stay for a little bit longer and enjoy the begining of sprin with more flowers, pastel and cupcake colors!