No More Plus Size ON The Lindex – Now Gets Big Sizes Standard

Now it is out in a special segment with large sizes on the Lindex. Generousavdelningen disappears, and instead, the large sizes to be part of the normal range.


This fall, larger sizes to be part of the Lindex regular range. Already, the company has integrated the larger sizes in their Holly & White concept and from August will change to apply to all items that will be up to size 3XL.


Plus size concept Generous will disappear completely.

“We want women of all sizes to feel included and be able to shop from all the fashion concept in our stores. By doing this, we hope that all women will experience the Lindex range even more inspiring and available regardless of size. We see many advantages and believe that our customers will have the same opinion. To present fashion in a more uniform manner will make the customer experience more welcoming and inspiring, commenting on the Lindex.


Bloggers Linda Ha and Emmi Snicker’s have been involved in the project, which means that 20% more garments will be available in larger sizes compared to the past.


“This is so sick good – to a chain going out and doing such an inclusive statement by removing plus size t shirts and just let it all be. Let me just say “Hooray!” writes Linda Haon his blog.