Nauru Political System

According to, with capital city of Yaren District, Nauru is a country located in Micronesia with total population of 10,835.

Following the 1968 Constitution, which came into force when the country became independent, Nauru is a unified state and parliamentary-democratic republic. Legislative authority has been added to an elected parliament with 18 members; it is chosen for up to three years. The president, who is both the head of state and the head of government, is elected by parliament. The members of the government start from and meet in parliament. The government is accountable to Parliament. The administration is carried out jointly by the Government and the Naurus Local Government Council. The latter has nine members, elected from the country’s 14 districts. The council is headed by a chief.

The judiciary

This includes a Supreme Court, a District Court and a Family Court.

Nauru defense

Nauru has no military forces. The defense of Nauru is taken care of by Australia. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER for how NA can stand for Nauru.

State and politics

Nauru is a parliamentary-democratic republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. The president is both the head of state and the prime minister. The president is elected by and among the 18 members of the elected parliament. These are chosen directly for up to 3 years. The government has 5-6 members and is accountable to parliament.

Nauru is divided into 14 administrative districts.

There are no armed forces, but have a small police force under civilian control. Australia has an informally agreed responsibility for Naurus defense.

Nauru is a member of the UN, the Commonwealth, the World Health Organization and the Pacific Islands Forum.