My Opinion, Your Opinion And The Fine Line Between Constructive Criticism And Boundless Disrespect.

“I understand that you would like to dress fashionably obese women, but shapes, colors and cuts of this collection at the German average thickness not, unless you still more a laughing stock would make the company… you def need.” Times, self-confidence, and I would argue that that is simply not given at the most Mollis…”

I quote parts of a comment I found on the Facebook page of Sheego thus, it is only one of many comments to numerous photos from the runway of the British plus size week *, gone the last week, at the same time to the London fashion week over the stage is.

As one of the many comments that make me angry, sad and ashamed said,. Many of these comments suggest in the score: the displayed pieces are absolutely impossible, unacceptable, much too narrow, too colorful, too showy, made not for thick women or look simply forbidden. Es wird gemeckert daruber, dass die Models nicht Plus Size genug sind, beim nächsten Foto wird kritisiert, dass der Bauch/die Arme/das gesamte Model nicht genug kaschiert werden. And it doesn’t really matter whether it is a really great, a failed, or even a very beneficial tailored dress it.

Probably, many will say now that I am once again for this open, that everyone just has his opinion and his own taste. In a sense that’s true, I am once again very critical, but when I read the comments there, then it is no wonder that no single German plus size companies is trust can take a step in the direction of the current trend, because feedback to clothing that does not fit into the norm, is devastating.

Bad I can’t find out however, that people have a different fashion taste than I, of course not everyone likes the same dress, and of course, everyone has the right a style, a cut to easy not to like, justify without for that reason to have or get a dress or a color, but that this opinion in so many cases is generalized. If a designer such as Anna Scholz sends a model in a skintight lace dress on the catwalk, in which matter is obscured, but clearly to recognize is the belly, then absolutely nothing, however, is to say, to decide for themselves, so a dress does not leave to the House, it is but a very different thing to condemn the fact , you can see the belly of the woman. Exactly what happens in 90% of the comments, the editors can not imagine myself yx garment and it’s so no one should be running around. Because in their world, it’s embarrassing when you’re wearing a see-through dress as a fat woman, it’s not okay if wearing clothes on, and anyway as a fat woman to look just in something tight like a prestige. The question which arises now me is: NA and?And right there is the point at which most not afterwards come, most fail to understand that there are people, it is no matter whether you look at them they weigh 120 kg. They don’t understand that there are women who see no reason to be ashamed of, that they wear size 54 and they can right not understand only that anyone could find really nice’s, if you shine a big belly by a sexy lace fabric.

Also very disturbing I find the assumption that and here I am referring directly to the above-quoted comment, that you a thick woman no be confident has and you can just expect to make when you’re wearing exactly that, a laughing stock of the people what the general public for is okay. When do we hear finally on and himself as the last people on Earth to deal with, just because we are overweight, love women? At this point, I would like to quote Patrizia that just if it has taken off and is hopefully agree that copying a portion of her comment: “…was attracts everyone, one is even left…” “but I think it’s a pity if pride and self-confidence in some negative recorded calls always acceptance wird…jeder of us thick and Toleranz…wie would be best if we start now even with us personally…?”

How should someone learn to accept themselves and love, no matter what weight, what skin color, problem areas, skin problems or other things that are not good us enough in ourselves, if we continue to judge other women (and also men) after exactly these things at the same time? I can not ask that I want tolerance of thickness, but at the same time say that nobody who is about size 56 should wear a skintight dress. Nor do I have the right to judge on someone, just because I believe in outwardly I have the same ‘problem’. Actually here is the verhassteste of me form the criticism, the “I am myself _ (Please enter here your problem) and I would not do something / and that’s why I say that..” No. N s i n. no! Just because you own thick is not the qualification or the right to say that someone else, who is also fat, has a taste aberration or is reality, just because he found himself beautifully.

We must stop always to close itself to others. It is absolutely okay and meets 100% of my opinion that you should always say what you think, but there’s just the small subtle difference between: “I don’t like the dress” and “I think you should tighten never a tight dress with a such big belly”. For me, this is not a question of the own opinion but from respect for the opinion others because when I loudly maintain that it is not nice and geschmackswidrig if a woman has a big belly, then I not only reveal, that I personally think it’s not beautiful, but do all the others, who find it beautiful, that they are somehow not right together.

As already so beautiful, best almost themselves first on their own nose, because even when many might agree with me, just if believe that you find unfortunate, terrible and forbidden khaki pants and pointy tunics, be it on me about those “thick” (oh how I love those words…) to blaspheme or judging, just a completely different fashion tastes have as I. (It seems the photos put the plus size fashion week: a lot of women in fear and terror, that Sheego could focus too much on the trends to be seen there and from the next collection, all in Galaxy must… walk around BRA, see-through dresses and colorful leggings) If we want society to be more tolerant and open, the first step yourself with the convictions is so really to stop, because that you not only others, but one of the most yourself well!

* Who wants to read plus size fashion week a comprehensive, critical but great report, unfortunately only in English, which necessarily should look at em over, which has devoted two blog posts with lots of photos.