Marshall Islands Political System

According to, with capital city of Majuro, Marshall Islands is a country located in Micronesia with total population of 59,201.

After the Constitution of 1979, the Marshall Islands is a parliamentary-democratic republic; An agreement on free association with the United States from 1986, renegotiated in 2004, states that the islands are an independent state, but draws up foreign policy guidelines. Legislative authority has been added to an assembly called Nitijela, elected in the general election for four years. The Assembly, which has 33 members (called senators), elects the president, who is both head of state and head of government, among his own members for four years. The president then elects the other ministers from the assembly. The assembly is advised by a council of 12 members.


Administratively, the Marshall islands are divided into 34 municipalities. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER for how MH can stand for Marshall Islands.

The judiciary

The judiciary includes a Supreme Court and a Superior Court in addition to district and local community law. There are also traditional courts.

Marshall Islands defense

The United States is responsible for the defense of the Marshall Islands, and has a military presence there.

A plant on the island of Kwajalein plays an important role in the development and testing of the United States defense system for ballistic missiles.