Lindex Integrates Plus Size in Normal Range!

Now I finally get to tell you this wonderfully funny news as I sat and pressed on for months!

You may recall when I was down in January and had lunch at the extravagant Dorsia? It was not really the whole reason I was going there without the glimmering that I and Emmi were invited by the Lindex, in the property of plus size bloggers, to sit and discuss the tokspännande project they’re doing.

Lindex will during the year to integrate their plus sizes in normal range! Integrate which to include. This means that their plus size Department Generous will disappear and instead the larger parts of their entire selection to be made in sizes XS-3XL. This is so sick good – to a chain going out and doing such an inclusive statement by removing plus size and just let it allbe. Let me just say – Hooray!

When they asked me if I wanted to be with and think about communication and marketing around this transition — how fucking proud do you not to be?! Do you remember #hmriot? Where I wrote many times that “in a perfect world, all clothes made in all sizes”. Are we on the road to an ideal world perhaps?

Lindex has already started with this transition slowly, they have already integrated plus size in Holly & Whyte-collection, which I wrote about a while ago. In addition, even the spring outerwear received an upgrade in storleksspannet as it happens a little p If p until the fall, when the full range is undergoing change.

I’m so damn happy that Lindex makes plus size jackets here, it’s totally sick that the industry has actually listened and that I get to be with and think about how it’s done? Completely wonderful.Thanks, this is awesome. Pun intended.

And for the record, I get paid by the Lindex for my consultant in the project, but not to write about it on the blog, I do just because it’s so damn awesome!