Limassol Travel Guide

Limassol is a city suitable for a beach holidaymaker in Cyprus. Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus, makes it easy to combine a city and a beach holiday.

The second largest city in Cyprus offers sunny beach days and good shopping.


In Limassol, a beach holiday is combined with a city holiday

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus in the Mediterranean. It is located on the south coast of the island and has a population of about 100,000. Limassol is the largest port city in Cyprus, bringing its own international breeze to the place. The area of ​​the historic city has apparently been inhabited for 4,000 years.

There are few actual attractions in the center of Limassol, but as an otherwise diverse city, it is a great base for a longer holiday. In Limassol, you can find options for many different budgets, both in terms of accommodation and eating.

The climate in Limassol

In addition to lying on the beach and excursions, you can spend your days in Limassol even shopping.

Warm in summer, mild in winter

The climate in Limassol is warm in summer and mild in winter. During the hottest months of summer, June-August, daytime temperatures typically rise to over 30 degrees. Even in the winter months, the climate in Limassol is pleasant. However, with daytime temperatures below 20 degrees, the winter season is poorly suited for sun worship.

Cyprus is known for its abundant sunshine and the rains are concentrated in the winter months.

Beaches, city tours and nightlife

In Limassol, you can combine your vacation with the benefits of a city break in addition to lying on the beach. Limassol is not very big, but it still offers things to do for a longer period of time.

In addition to shopping opportunities and museums, Kaung has quality restaurants and an atmospheric nightlife.

Limassol has numerous bars and nightclubs. There is a choice from modern lounge bars to local Greek bouzogi bars. Unlike many tourist destinations, Limassol’s bars are also frequented by locals.

Limassol’s beaches are miles long and the city’s long beach promenade itself is already an attraction. It is also possible to fish in the port of Limassol.




Cyprus is a typical package travel destination, but Finnair, for example, also flies scheduled flights from time to time. Charter flights to Limassol operate to Larnaca, from where Limassol is about an hour away by bus. The flight from Helsinki itself takes about 4.5 hours.

In addition to direct flights, you can fly to Larnaca with one stopover. Prices for flights start at around € 300, but with alternative flights, travel time can sometimes become unreasonably long. Those who like Cyprus should also keep an eye out for sudden departures.


Limassol has a wide range of different types of accommodation options for different requirements. As a rule, people stay in hotels or apartments.

A budget traveler will stay in Limassol hostels at a discount of less than 20 euros per night.


Limassol is a fairly small town, so it is easy to explore the surroundings on foot. If the walking is too sluggish, you can also exercise, as there are plenty of rental bikes in the city. In the summer, however, the heat can be deceptive to the cyclist.

Longer distances in the city can also be traveled by taxi and there is also a bus line in the city.

A convenient way to see the surrounding area and the island is with a rental car. Note, however, that Cyprus has left-hand traffic. The island of Cyprus is compact in size and there is a fairly short distance to each side. You can explore several nearby towns or villages in one day.



The old town of Limassol

There are few actual well-known attractions in Limassol. However, the old town can be considered the heart of Limassol. Its winding streets lead to the old fishing port. The old town is a great place to pop in, even in a restaurant, or else just spend an hour walking around the stalls.

Limassol Market Hall

In the Limassol market hall, the holidaymaker can move around where the locals also shop. Walking amidst countless scents and colors is a small experience, even if nothing is caught up.

Deviate from the mountains

To the north of Limassol lies the beautiful and green Troodos Mountains. On the slopes of the mountain, half an hour’s drive from the city is the stunning picturesque villages, of which there are so stylish boutique hotels to simple hostels with shops selling local products.

During the Byzantine era, many monasteries and churches were built in the mountains, where the inhabitants and monks of the island sought refuge in coastal areas ruled by pirates.

Explore nearby towns and villages

Cyprus is, after all, a fairly small island, so there are fairly short distances everywhere. This makes it easy to explore the island in the form of day trips. A holidaymaker in Limassol can take part in tours tailored for tourists, but you can also travel independently between different cities by bus.

Those who rent a rental car will have time to explore several nearby towns or villages in one day.

Nicosia, the inland capital of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, especially inland, is an interesting meeting place for the two cultures.



The summer in Limassol pampers travelers.

At least see these

  1. Ancient Kourion
  2. Omodos Village
  3. Fasouri Watermania Water Park
  4. Limassol Harbor
  5. Colossus Castle