Life As A Plus Size Model: Daniela Sesay’s Story With Surprising Twists And Turns

Plus size model – how is it actually? Our image of models is so influenced by what we read about models with tiny dress sizes.We know that you lot get around, how they keep their body in shape, what they eat (or not), for which great brands and photoshoots they are engaged as life on the “set” is what they know for exciting people and much more. Modeling is an interesting job that brings also shallows with it. But enough of the gray theory. We have a plus size model asked what it’s like modeling. And as you know us, we made it equal yet many other questions.

So the curtain on for the versatile and beautiful Daniela Sesay!

Plus Size Model And Bloggerin Daniela Sesay Want Out Of The Comfort Zone

How I Became A Plus Size Model?

2014, it was late February early March. I had the house-cleaning the TV run by the way. It ran over the broadcast of “12 point” with a contribution Maite Kelly’s new collection, which wanted to present them at a fashion show. There I heard the word “plus size” for the first time consciously relationship meadow “oversize”. Maite Kelly still women who wear fashion from size 42 was looking for their show. You could then apply at a specified email address. Which I just did. At that time, I had only Selfies me showed the head up to the chest, no professional model photos. I sent off the pictures and a few days later I got already answer. You had me as a plus size model chosen to run the show. Wow, that was incredible! A great feeling.

My curiosity won and I phoned the organisers. And in about thirty minutes, all necessary things were clarified and agreed. I was actually in Hamburg for Maite Kelly on the catwalk run. But since I had no idea yet that this whole story modeling should go on. I thought to myself: “MOM is a beautiful evening and the next day, everything is back to the old”. But was not the case. Expert in the industry, such as Rolf Scheider (owner of a modeling agency and judge at Germany’s next top model with Heidi Klum) and Maite Kelly, I said that potential would and could work loose as a plus size model. I had found favor because to present myself and to be a part of the really great and loving plus size scene. From this experience, my life was no longer as it was and it has affected me positively.

How Do You Like The Internet?

I find it very rewarding. I am even more, less time on the road and meet very many creative and great people. For me, it’s a whole different life. I’m just full time mother, best friend and wife.

I like my comfort zone to leave it to see what happens then. For me is it to be very exciting in a foreign city and to work together with foreign people. Of course you ever met is in different jobs or events, but for me it is always a very exciting, intense and creative period.

Why Did You Start Blogging?

I blog for the simple reason that I now have the opportunity to show that it’s ok to love yourself others. That accept themselves can, as it is and you can run behind any false ideal. I would like to convey a healthy image of plus size plus size does not always unhealthy diet and no exercise? Just a healthy plus size woman to be, I must watch what I eat and play me often sports.

I can use someone in my youth, which would have taken me by the hand, and would have told me that I must love me and take care. I want to show women what you fashion from can – do without hiding. Especially as a mother you have not the time or the desire to spruce up some more Yes often. And certainly not if you must make money on it. I show clothes, that I have been in the closet for years and bought a very cheap. I combine a new part with the things that I have been a long time and often come as unexpectedly unusual great outfits when out.

Describe Us Plus Size Fashion Days 2015 From Point Of View Of A Model.

I was now the second time for the plus size fashion days as a model. The plus size fashion days from last year were proof that I want to work as a model and can, for me again because otherwise Abu.b and the jury would have selected me. Now I was able to run 2015 again and it was no less exciting as 2014. I only knew this time on what I had to concentrate to keep a clear head halfway. I enjoyed every moment in Hamburg and drawn much strength from this very crazy and fast-paced world.

I was allowed in the evening entered the runway as a first model and “open up the show”. It was an incredible feeling because my parents and my two daughters in the audience sat and saw me cheer them on from the corner of the eye with luminous eyes. All I felt was love. Love the show regards, love and respect for the people who have put it all on the legs, and love for my crazy life, that I may so make for more than a year. I hope some very still to be plus size fashion days – be it as a plus size model or blogger, maybe even both!

The High-Profile Action “Gatot” – With Silvana Thinkers

Silvana thinker is not only one of my role models when it comes to modeling, but also a very creative and wonderful woman. I have immediately closed Silvana in the heart than 2014 session I the first time with her an editorial for an American magazine.Since then we have worked often together. And I know if Silvana has an idea, you must be a part of it, because it is always great! So also the Gatot project, for which I was allowed to stand for a second time in front of their camera.

The first photo shoot action I let photograph me naked with two other models – which already attracted much attention. But on Sunday in downtown Hamburg, the devil was suddenly going on. I and seven other different women stood up together for one thing: GATOT! This action would all people make it clear that it’s not just that we should love our bodies (because we have only these bodies). Also at issue first and foremost, that people develop more tolerance toward people who look very different.Whether small, large, thick or thin. Tattooed or pierced. Everyone should accept his counterpart as he is and looks like it. Judge a man only by his actions, not his appearance!

Perfect Happiness, Heroes And Fashion – More About Plus Size Model Daniela Sesay, There Is In Our Next Blog Post. Forward On It!

The portrait image in the header, and the full body shot are thinkers of Silvana. The portrait image with white blouse is of Shace.