Lamaze: Pluses and Minuses

Lamaze at home? Here are the advantages for those who cannot attend traditional prenatal classes, but also disadvantages. Everything there is to know about the courses at home!

Although it is exciting and beautiful, having a child is an event that can radically change the life of the woman and the couple. Women’s bodies is designed to fulfill one of the most extraordinary: give birth to another living being. This task is at once natural and challenging, and many women who are about to have a child decide to consult a Lamaze managed by experts and professionals, in order to dispel doubts and fears that are associated with this new and delicate phase of their lives and, of course, to deal with it the best way possible and with greater awareness.

It is not always possible to attend classes in a traditional Lamaze at specially designated facilities. Many women are physically unable, or their working hours are incompatible with the frequency, or have other reasons for not attending a traditional Lamaze . For these women, there is the possibility, granted by some public and private facilities, booking and arrangement of classes “to measure”. Some structures, therefore, offer the opportunity to pregnant women, to welcome home an expert or specialist in preparation for labor and to organize a series of lessons designed and programmed “to measure”, able to meet the needs of the pregnant woman.

The advantages of a Lamaze at home are many: first there is the convenience of preset times and days for the conduct of meetings; Secondly the problem of physical movement of the pregnant woman is solved in the course of the lesson at his home; Thirdly, the lesson is customized and specially designed for the pregnant woman, for its specific needs and for its specific needs; Finally the expert’s attention is directed exclusively to one woman and not to multiple women at the same time. After having listed the benefits, we also one disadvantage that emerges from this sort of Lamaze, namely the absence of the group. A Lamaze delivery preclude the pregnant woman, to know other women, and to benefit from the advantages of a traditional, such as Lamaze: interaction with other women in the same State, the possibility of establishing friendships with them, a chance to meet and tell each other about their experiences.

There is a Lamaze fulfilling simultaneously the needs and tastes of all pregnant women, because women are not equal to each other. Every woman must choose Lamaze that suits. Advice for women who plan to attend a Lamaze: consider the availability ofschedules to the frequency, the economic opportunities and health conditions and last but not least, rate according to your taste after knowing and evaluating the pros and cons of every Lamaze available.