“It Is Severe, It Has More Style”

‘The Muppets’ Miss Piggy celebrates her long-awaited return to the big screen. The most glamorous of all divas is today an immense size in show business – and that since her first appearance in 1974 in the show “the Herb Alpert special”. In the movie “The Muppets” (theatrical release: January 19, 2012) is Miss Piggy as plus-size-editor of VOGUE to see. Reason enough for OUR SITE, to meet the Diva to the exclusive interview

OUR SITE: What is “The Muppets”?

Miss Piggy: Of course, it is the story of moi! It comes as I work in Paris and Kermit and the other Muppets come to me to me to beg to go home. I show the full range of my acting talents of the smiling up the frown. This calls outright for an Oscar! And I am not talking here of Mr. de la Renta. I’ve heard rumors that there is still a second strand of the plot in the film, I’m not involved in the. But that nobody cares about but anyway, right?

OUR SITE: who do you play in “The Muppets”?

Miss Piggy: Moi plays moi! The casting was a self runner. Of course spoke of Streep and Roberts about Winslet and Jolie up to Bullock before all other major Hollywood stars for the role. But at the end, all had to determine that there is only a moi – and that’s me! Now I play in the movie the plus-size fashion editor of French VOGUE. Under me, an entire room full of writers who all want to look like I work. But then, Kermit is emerging and wants that I help the Muppets of their predicament and put a great show on the stage. If I can resist him? To find out, you must look at already the film.

OUR SITE: How is your life different from your character?

Miss Piggy: In fact, my wardrobe is much bigger and more expensive. But otherwise, I’m in the whole way, as you can see it on the big screen. Where the camera is always a few extra kilos. When people meet me personally, they always wonder I’m as delicate. You can believe me that quiet!

OUR SITE: What attracted you to “The Muppets”?

Miss Piggy: Now, the role was written specifically for moi. And I was told that I can keep all the shoes.

OUR SITE: Which scene in the film is particularly fun?

Miss Piggy: The scene in which Kermit pleads with me, to come back to Hollywood, is one of the funniest in the whole movie. Moi is hilariously funny. And the frog is also not so bad… Anyway, there are many funny scenes in the film. In all, I’m with part of the game. It can be hardly coincidence, or?

OUR SITE: How was working with Jason sailing?

Miss Piggy: Jason is a very lovely man. And a very funny comedian. As soon as I heard that he wrote the screenplay and maybe even larger could make my role, we were the best of friends.

OUR SITE: And Amy Adams?

Miss Piggy: Amy and I have very much in common. Apart from the fact that they already incredible three times for the Academy Award nominated was, while I was shamelessly always empty. But entre nous: the feeling I can’t go, that it is there, to nominate outside the own species. In any case, a certain tension in the air was between me and Amy. Once Amy but had understood that she had to keep their hands off the frog, we became to us quickly. We see us every time we’re in the same city. Where this date exactly taken still not has happened before.

OUR SITE: Perhaps a few words about Kermit?

Miss Piggy: What can I say about Kermit and moi? Taken we are fabulous for everyone for themselves. But together we are absolute legends. Like Astaire & Rogers or Tracy & Hepburn.

OUR SITE: And Walter?

Miss Piggy: Walter is delightful. He admired the Muppets and of course, me. And as everyone knows, I love to be worshipped.

OUR SITE: You are also a fashion icon. What is the secret of your style?

Miss Piggy: Oh, I have more: something where you can’t go in without pulley never wear! There’s not too many accessories! If something is expensive, it fit too! And style is available in all shapes and sizes. Larger or heavier one is, it also has more style.

OUR SITE: How do you spend your leisure time?

Miss Piggy: Shopping. Eat chocolate. Posing for photographers. Freshen up. And then the whole thing again. I’m a diva, so I let me organise my leisure by others. You get it no picture, how expensive it is.

OUR SITE: Kermit and you – are you actually a couple?

Miss Piggy: Some are of course! In the movie it seems so, let’s not. But this is only a dramatic gimmick, the voltage due to. In reality, we are incredibly happy together. Not a Hollywood couple that consists of two different species, is longer than we together.

OUR SITE: Why should the audience of “The Muppets” look at?

Miss Piggy: Because moi’s involved, of course! What a silly question! This is the best film I’ve ever made. So, it’s also the best movie ever filmed. That being said there’s much to laugh, and you have a really good time at the movies. That are however reasons enough, right?