“I’m Supposed To, I’m Yourself Fat” – Nicole Jager, The Fettloserin, In An Exclusive Interview

Nicole Jager is a familiar face. Finally, she operates with her book “The Fettlöserin” on television and in newspapers and magazines and is touring with her stage show, an entertaining blend of cabaret, reading and poetry slam, by Germany. Love puts finger in wounds and speaks openly about things that others find embarrassing or as occasion accept unsolicited leave a comment: dress sizes, fat people, food and weight. Many kilos. And this woman knows what she is talking about.

Seven years ago, she weighed 340 kg – the result of food as compensation and many diets. Today she weighs half and has the goal of their “good feeling weight” to reach and which has no number, but is simply a good feeling and freedom from pain.Nicole Jäger knows the way there, because if it is not just back to axis, she coaches people around on the subject of nutrition and eating habits. As a nutrition coach she’s not dangerous whether sugar or carbohydrates must be avoided. Questions like: who’s hungry – body or head? She is convinced that we must again learn to distinguish between hunger and appetite and also we have to learn how it feels to be satisfied.

Nicole Jäger In The Interview Of Sense Of Form

We talked about diets, bucket lists, people who automatically give their opinion and – of course – fashion with Nicole Jäger.

You stand now often on stage and give cabaret readings from your book “The Fettlöserin”. How does it feel to be looked at by so many people?

Different than I thought.
At the beginning, I was always the concern to be beat up soon on the bumper cars or with tomatoes thrown from the stage. At some point I then thought, when they throw in the evening stop Caprese me. Is something where I had to work hard to find viewed to be and to stand still upright, and the opinions and views across quite attractive and good to look at me and today, my appearance is clearly part of my stage presence and part of the program.

What does quality of life mean to you?

Everything. Sounds trite but just as it is.
I’ve spent so much of my life with pain and limitations. Today I can live my life very carefree. Well, at least more carefree. I jog still today reluctantly on the 7th floor. The best thing that ever happened to me was clear, that I have brought back my life.

Why are diets bull shit?

Diets have nothing to do with the personality of the individual. We believe in diets always, this would be a way to deal with food. The opposite is the case. Means that the responsibility for their diets and be eating on a method to offload. Instead of working on the behavior, we avoid the topic, because we, if we are honest, don’t really eat, but starving. Diets are not for life but for short periods of time. And what comes then? If we learn anything, what should we then permanently change? And as we stumble from a diet to the next and fail to see is that it is always the same, what is told us here. “Leave off all the food up on…” or “Eat no fat or no carbs”. Very of old hat, and as you can see, if you look at the numbers of obese people in Germany, it brings nothing.

Diets make one long much: sick, unhappy, frustrated and arm but certainly not slim or satisfied. A diet is not the people but only short-term success. Which also adjusts. And then just as quickly disappears and back leaves us perplexed and frustrated.

Why give people without asking their opinion? How do you konterst?

I believe that deep in the dissatisfaction of the person who carried away to that look foraging paintting is open. I must be very unhappy with myself to absolutely want to humiliate others. Sometimes it also just comes to feel better, to prove themselves before others or to distract the feeling for a moment by the own inadequacy. If I can offend the fats because for their weaknesses, then I can feel momentarily better. Old hat and as boring as useless.

I countered by I smile, on special days wondering whether one may sit on my middle finger and turn or I go straight for it and ask nicely, what moves to do so even as weak and simple to present themselves. This may have been of the person at the end Yes well not in the sense.

Always polite, always smiling. I am a friendly pudding.

What do you understand under relentlessly honest?

I understand including that subjects and also interpersonal should be relentlessly, unverschnörkelt and angesrochen directly and must. No eternal drum around talk. No holds barred. Call a spade a spade. I think not very helpful anyone personally hurtful but “chubby” instead of “fat” or even “full figured” instead of “You got a problem, doll!”. Honesty is to heal, not even senselessly make and she must be not always tough, you can transport honesty about humor.

If you free had three wishes, what would you wish?

  1. That the hottest smut in nutrition glitter a let instead of apply.
  2. More equality among people.Nobody need to find great but everyone may be as he wants to be, everyone can have problems also time and fail and especially everyone can have an opinion, he may then please keep for themselves.

Your greatest achievement?

The love for me as important to perceive as resistors can be hard.

In the next few days there more and with Nicole Jäger! Happy you on it.