Hüftschal Or Sashes. Goes Also For Large Size?

I mean Yes!

A HÜFtschal Or Sashes Can Look Good Even At Large Sizes.

He is not only beautiful, but also some practical advantages:

keep warm in fact the Popo and the kidneys (my grandmother would be pleased)

keeps the pounds in form, slightly seems to shapewear

pimping a simple outfit color on

the look of hips and butt steers away, a bit further down just

He can extend to short tops

It is also as Bandeautop bear (who wants to)

could theoretically also as Loopschal

The love BEA had my attention qiero.de in a commentary on the online shop. There I discovered various Hüftschals . There she also in other shops, like also handmade on DaWanda & but now I found quite interesting co., this of “kidneykaren”.

There Are 12 Great Colours (From Brick Red On Petrol To Mustard Yellow And Black) And Two Lengths: Short (27 Cm) And Long (43 Cm).

The short acts only as sashes, long ranging from over the breast under the Popo. Who wants to einmummeln themselves so really, please…

I want the short and because petrol here is my absolute favorite color I had them send me one.

A Few Small Pluses For This HÜFtschal Of “Kidneykaren”:

without disturbing seams

made in Portugal

Material (Poly, spandex) stays in shape and color

very elastic

Where Light Is BB´S Are Also Shadows:

Poly need not be but now real, viscose with spandex did but please also

the proud price of 19.95 euros for a sewn to tube a lot wood

available only up to size XL (46/48)

That likely can be even greater. Of course I’ve ordered XL and fact: he fits.

If necessary, M would probably still fit, the material is really stretching.Where he sits logically tight. But he allowed for the Shapeffekt like.

The color is a dream! Herrlich.

The material: nice grip, not to labberig, but it is Poly. I don’t know developed to carry feel like sports or yoga. Determined woman comes this beautiful sweat.

Update: grad I see that there are (top!) on the side of kidneykaren the Hüftschal now also made of organic cotton with spandex. Downer: again 5,-euro more expensive and he smaller than the the from poly, for the luscious ladies therefore probably for the time being nothing.

Bottom line: I’m going to keep this Hüftschal even though he seems like slightly larger and made of different material, but somehow I like him…

What Do You Say To This Trend? Can You Imagine Spice Up Your Wardrobe With A HÜFtschal? Do You Think He Is Just What Kind Of Slim Girls?

I appreciate your opinion in the comments. Thank you very much! Ines