How We Love Her Thick Body?

“How do you love your body?”

It was a question that came from a girl who follows me on Instagram. A 20-year-old girl who unfortunately had too low thoughts about her own body. She had messaged me and thanked for my images and for that I inspired her and so she asked a question.

“How do you love your body? I can’t even enjoy my… “

It didn’t hurt so much in me to read about her pain. About how people called her nasty things and how she as a result of it was very difficult to think about her own body. And her story is, unfortunately, far from unique. It makes me angry, sad and a bit flat-footed.


How do I, with my small, small words, make her understand that she is worth anything? That ideal is only something that society found to make money. That a person’svalue is not measured in pounds or waistlines. To people who are nasty just sad creatures who are miserable in their own lives and have to pick down others to feel good about themselves?


But okay. I have, after all, been doing this trip by yourself. 16 years ago I felt like she. 10 years ago. For even five years ago. It was in connection with #hmriot, three years ago, Andrea began to fall down. Then I started to realize that it is not me that needs to change. It is the world around me. Check Thesciencetutor for xxl jackets.


If anyone thinks I’m thick, dress me “wrong” or should not “be seen”, it is their problem, not mine. Look away, close your eyes, do whatever the hell you want, but I’m not going to go away. I am not your problem. You are your problem. And sometimes in the middle. Your stupidity is disturbing.


I really thought that it is the post would contain practical tips on how to find that peace that I feel now. That feeling of that actually fit, feel proud and beautiful over herplus-size body. But this post is already much longer than I thought, so I’m saving it for tomorrow.


Hugs and love to you, my plus size ladies. You rock and you are all beautiful.