Gatot, Curveves And Silvana Thinker – An Exciting Mix

Gatot – a heart matter of plus size model and photographer Silvana thinkers. You can find out what is the power woman still at heart, in this post.

Curveves Calendar – The Charity Project From Silvana Thinkers

“In the last few years I was allowed to do so many great things, I was much in the media and have made a very good name for me. I’m very glad because it could and can I use to make a difference. End of 2013 I’ve called the calendar CURVeveS in life, a charity project with curvy women in favor of breast cancer Deutschland e.V. Beginning 2014 the shoots for the first edition in a moated castle at Kempen took place. Previously I was worried in fact something, whether that would go well with so many women in one place, but I was proved wrong. It was a wonderful atmosphere. No one is ashamed of a rolls or the one or the other dent – all helped each other and we laughed so much.

Our “making of” film shows that beautifully.

This year, we have once again produced a calendar. This time in the beautiful Westerwald and with great women from all over Germany. It is available here: all proceeds will be donated to breast cancer Deutschland e.V..

I’m always overwhelmed, to join as many great women want to be and are ready, without charge to the calendar. That is a huge compliment for me and my work.

After I had to take a longer break from the end of 2014, because my knee was unfortunately not so like me, I have to celebrate my comeback on the plus size fashion days by Tanja Marfo in the autumn of this year. I have to confess – I was quite nervous to stand on the runway again after such a long time – better: to run. Also, I had taken to 15 kilos in the meantime. However, I decided to walk my very first underwear to make. And it was just awesome! ”

The Beginning Of The Gatot – Campaign: Diversity Is Perfection

“Still I am working since October on my Gatot campaign. Originally, I should shoot a series of photos for the plus model magazine. There were three plus size models who posed nude, covered breast and genital area. The photos have been retouched by me also. In the short term, the magazine but has changed his concept, so that no longer fit the retouched photos. That’s why I decided to extend this series itself, I have photographed then more and more people: men, women, couples – and there are more shootings in planning. I wanted to show the diversity of it, the human body has to offer, and there’s not a perfect body, like the media always show us.

After some consideration I came then decided no longer to touch up the photos, because I want to show the reality, Yes. And then I decided to shoot not just pictures and to post them on Facebook, but to do something that attracts also attention.Because only in this way you can reach people, so you can move, so you can be perceived. Thus arose the Gatot actions in several German cities, where I light off optional eight women, four women and four men of various sizes in underwear, with based on a letter of the word “Ggngn” on the body: I different designed the action in Cologne: a plus size model had written many Hashtags against Bodyshaming and for more self-love and acceptance on the body. The actions were so incredibly well, already went through many media. Even in international overseas to China, that I now hope to be able to make an international campaign from this. Most messages from women and men who thank me or tell me how great they find these actions that they themselves make them courage and help to love each other even more happy.”

United States, London, Copenhagen, Mallorca, Life – Silvana Thinkers On Tour

“I’m happy that my life has evolved, although I would have expected five years ago never. I never thought that I would give interviews for television, now I did it so often in live broadcasts and tried me even already acting. I never thought to see so much of the world and now I travel for shootings in the US after Majorca, London or Copenhagen. And then one stands in the Denmark vacation with his friend in a business and suddenly even the wall hang – madly beautiful looks! I love to slip into different roles, to work, before and behind the camera again and again with new people. And I look forward to see how everything evolves, that there are always more people who make a difference and work for more acceptance.

I am grateful that so many people trust me and behind me, support me in my actions and keep to me. I am today happy to be who I became a man, also if it was not always easy, I have to be (and certainly for many others). I hope that I may experience many great things in the future and do and look forward to every new challenge.”