Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge-Winter Queen

The Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge project that by the two great Bloggerinne Miss tale to life was called Temple and amber is a new outfit. You can find all information on the fatty blog, there are monthly issues published, you may then submit your images to the theme, and a post will be released on the 19th of each month. Of course, one can the outfit that you filed, also fits the fatty day blogging, so how I do it.

The Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge that two fellow bloggers created is a new outfit project.All the information and what the project is about is on their blog.

The January issue was “Winter Queen”. Since winter has let wait until last week and early January we fairly mild temperatures had, I was still not really in the mood for super hot outfits. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a walking heater anyway, and is somehow always warm to me, so it rarely happens that I really wintry dress. Finally I decided for an outfit, that contains two parts, which I’ve worn this winter, regardless of the temperatures, the most: the ASOS denim shirt and my leather skirt. To give even a winter and above all Royal accent the whole, I have rummaged my black winter coat this year because of my parka love is very neglected, and my soft faux fur collar out.

The theme for January what “winter queen”. The weather what pretty marciboy90 and just got cold in the last few days. I actually never really where thick or winterly outfits, cause if you know me, you know that I am a walking heating. I decided to wear two of the pieces I have worn the most this winter, my denim shirt and my fake leather skirt. To glam it up and make it a bit more winter Queen like, I choose a black coat and a fake for collar.

The fake leather skirt I bought in November at New Look, was definitely the best buy in the last 6 and the next 6 months. I love him so much, I wear it so often, and I would like to combine I with everyone and everything. The Cardigan I have for a few years, but dressed very seltent it, mainly because it is so warm and thick, then me most to warm it is. I like really love the bright pink and the knitting patterns.

The fake leather skirt is the best piece I have bought in the last 6 and I want to buy in the comming 6 months. I love it so much! The cardigan is a piece I own for a couple of years but haven’t worn it that much, it’s really thick and warm, but I do like the color the pattern.

And now you should always look at the other outfit from the Fatty Day and follow better, equal to the blog and in February with make!

PS: By the way, the layout I made to the fatty fashion fun challenge ^_^

You should definitely check out the Fatty Blog to see the other outfits and so be part of it in February!
PS: By the way, I did the layout for the fatty fashion fun challenge ^_^