Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge-Say Hello To Spring

We have what is really hard to believe, so watching the weather is now March. This also means that the “Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge” in the third round is with the spring-like motto “say hello to spring”. In fact even snow was until yesterday everywhere in Bielefeld. This morning, the Sun seemed surprising, all day long. I hope so much that it remains not only in two or three days of spring, but I’m afraid bad… well you can change anything about it. In my closet, every if Spring has arrived yet.

The “fatty fashion fun challenge” is of entering the next round with the theme “say hello to spring”. So far so good, but actually it first like there would be more snow on my spring theme picture then on the January theme. But the sun finally showed up, and I am the crossing my fingers, that it wants to stay for a little longer than just 2 or 3 days.

I have bagged this beautiful spring dress weekend at Bon Prix. And the word is “bagged” pretty good, and much, much more last weekend there is from the “plus size design camp” in Hamburg in the course of the week.

Who is she now might think “yikes, there is cooked yes no black in the outfit!” Right you are! I thought I let out my inner Georgina time to welcome the spring and turn fully to the pastel control.

Since there are yet still a bit fresh… so 5 degrees, I’ve chosen a denim jacket over a dress. To de whole candy shades I have chosen my shoes, bag and belt in Brown, so the contrast is not as strong and not so lost the sweet colors. By the way, I’m real fan of these boots, but yes, after I was 20 minutes in the Park, my feet were then already happy, when I back in the car durfte…kann put me to the train? Because which are in themselves quite easy.

My bag is vintage, by the way my Mama, more or less and I think she’s so super beautiful, the only thing to complain about would be that my camera is not fit.

I paired it with a denim jacket and some warm brown so won’t the softness of the pastels get lost with a hard contrast like black. So I put on some heel, I really like these booties, but as every heeled shoe of mine, my feet started burning after 20 minutes…

The bag is from my mums closet, it’s so lovely with the different textures, the only downside is that there is now room for my camera.

Maybe feels Yes a bit inspired this spring of our outfits and him, is still a bit longer so that not only we but eh also can enjoy the colourful dress and flowers. The other sweet participants look at in any case!

Maybe spring feels inspired by our outfits and stays a little longer to see more of spring outfits and pretty colored dresses! I hope you want to risk a look on the FFFC Blog to see more girls welcoming the spring.